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Google haven't done too great in the social apps scene. With the failure of Google+ to a lesser extent hangouts giving the impression that they're just not so good at the whole social media thing.

But they've refused to give up, yesterday they announce a new social app called Spaces. The whole idea of Spaces is that it focuses on group sharing. The app allows small groups of users to tap into other Google services, including Google Search, YouTube and Chrome, in order to post links and share content without having to move in between apps. 

The users can also continue to have conversations around that content in a group chat-like interface.

With this feature, Spaces might very well give the likes of Facebook messenger and Whatsapp something to think about. Its mobile-friendly nature and the features it boasts make it worth a punt.

The app is available on iOS, Android and mobile web, though it will also work on the desktop also.

Google have the advantage in that the content shared in a dedicated space becomes searchable. Users can search their Spaces by keyword, which returns both links and images – the latter thanks to Google’s image recognition technology already live today in other products, like Google Photos.

The interface is user-friendly and easy to use, It’s just one tap to create a new space. It's easy to see what the group is talking about and the sharing features are easy to find.

According to Google, the app is supposed to be versatile in that it can be used for a lot of things like discussions between geeks about Civil War for instance, or who's richer in the Black Panther and Bruce Wayne (Black Panther obviously though i love Bruce).

The App is already available for download on the Google playstore and has over a thousand downloads already. You should go check it out. 

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