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OLED screen technology is all the rage and for good reason, their panels are lighter, look better, and can be curved into more interesting shapes.
If that isn't better...then err...you know.
The very top Android phones have been in the know for years using them for their products but for some reason Apple hasn't followed the same trend.
But if reports are to be believed that may all change with indications that 2017 iPhones will feature OLED panels.
A certain Bloomberg article cites a sudden spike in demand for screen-manufacturing technology as an indicator of suppliers preparing for a big increase in demand for OLED displays. Put two on two and you can notice a pattern.
In the article, Bloomberg specifically quotes Applied Materials Inc (AM), a manufacturer of machines used in the production of displays. The equipment is going to Samsung, LG, Foxconn, and Sharp, all of whom are primary suppliers of displays to Apple. 
The increase in orders apparently isn't a fluke, as AM recorded orders worth $700 million in the space of three months, close to what it would normally see in a year.
The timing sees it fit right into the 2017 iPhone spectrum as new machinery coming into play will most likely be seen early next year, ready for a production run of components to be assembled for a fall 2017 iPhone 7s release.
What makes this particular rumour ring true isn't so much the sales as the fact that it's only logical that after years of using LCD screens, Apple, who claim to be the leader in phone technology have to take the next step up and that's OLED displays. 
Organic light-emitting diode displays (OLED) have pixels that light themselves, without needing a backlight. That makes for displays that are thinner (no need for a separate light behind the screen), have more contrast, since only the necessary pixels will light up, and better battery life for the same reason.
So...makes sense.

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