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Will.i.am from the Black Eyed Peas has released a new pair of wireless Bluetooth earphones.
They look like vinyl records which is pretty cool, they're pretty pricey ($229.95) and they're exclusively Apple. They are also sold in a few select Apple stores.
The Earphones are not the best design from will.i.am's tech company, i.am+, but they're certainly not the worst either.

The earphones come with gold or black highlights, and the circular covers clip together magnetically, back-to-back, to keep the earphones cinched around your neck when not in use. 
It has other cool features including an in-built mic and volume controls, woven fabric cable construction, and larger-than-usual 14mm drivers in the earphones themselves (although that's no guarantee of audio quality).

On the flip side, They're engraved with the messages "left and gone" and "right and wrong" to tell which earphone is which, and Apple's product notes inform users they should "listen closely for i.am+ founder will.i.am’s voice when you turn on your EPs or connect to Bluetooth.". Nothing against Will.i.am's voice, but it'll get old-- fast.

It remains to be seen if the new Will.i.am earphones are going to make an impact in the market.

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