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Okay so we're all pretty stoked for the possible fall release of the iPhone 7. We've been told it could be made of glass, we've heard of all the ultra cool features, so our collective appetites have been wheted.

So the question is will there be enough at initial release for us all?

If the rumours are to be believed, then hell yeah! According to reports, Apple are planning to have around 78 million units of the phone ready for launch. 

If this is indeed true, it will mark the highest launch target since the iPhone 6. That could mean that Apple views new features shipping with the iPhone 7 in the same category as the screen size jumps that came alongside the iPhone 6.

In news that will surprise a grand total of zero people, Foxconn will continue to carry the mail when it comes to iPhone production. 

The company, based in Taiwan bases its factories primarily in mainland China and has hundreds of thousands of workers dedicated to Apple's mobile device business.

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