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The Motorola G series has got those who are looking for a new phone on a budget talking.
This is mostly because it packs a variety of nifty features all in an affordable package and a pretty sick camera too.
If there's any worry, Android do this thing where older models don’t get as much love as before once a new model enters the fray in the matter of updates.
Looks like the Moto G4 Plus isn't going that way though as it has been revealed that the Moto G4 Plus will be upgradeable to Android N and Android O. The former is still in development but it is expected to be released later this year.
That also means that the handset’s upgrade to Android N is pretty much a given. 
So...If Motorola really does do it and updates the handset to Android O, then those getting the phone can be assured of the N and the O (NO?). Nothing's set in stone though, but for now that's how it is.

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