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The smartphone of today is a sacred device that has taken the place of many a lover in the lives of their owners.

Therefore keeping the battery at an optimum level is a must nowadays as a warning message saying 'Low Battery' is scarier than a horror movie for most people.

We sympathize with you which is why we have 7 tips to make your phone battery last longer.

1) Reduce Screen Brightness

The screen brightness especially when on full blast greatly drains your battery, therefore you should endeavour to reduce your screen brightness to help the phone last longer. If your phone is one with auto brightness, you should switch that off and just stick with low settings.

In the same vein, the less your screen is on, the better - make sure it's locked whenever possible, and reduce the time delay before it turns off (under Display/ Sleep in Settings on Android and General/Auto-Lock in Settings on iOS). 

This will help your phone last longer than usual.

2) Turn off GPS, Wifi and Bluetooth when not in use

These apllications greatly reduce your battery life as they put a major strain on the battery. You should disable them when they are not in use. You can find them most of the time under your settings.

3) Constantly Monitor Battery Drainers

You should constantly check which apps are draining the most battery and consider uninstalling them. On most phones you can achieve this by just tapping the battery icon and then you'll see a menu with the programs and apps running on your phone and how they affect your battery.

Sometimes the way to go might be to stop the app running in the background or lengthening the sync time of some apps.

Removing the greatest threats to your battery life will help extend it.

4) Reduce the volume whenever possible

The ringer or volume on a phone greatly affect battery life. Like music loud? Then you might have to wait till you get home to where there's a port to plug in before doing that. A lower volume means that you can get through more movies on your phone or listen to more music without killing your battery quickly.

5) Make use of Aeroplane mode


Aeroplane mode isn't popular with most people, but it is a very effective way to getting the most out of your battery as it doesn't drain much battery. If you want to listen to some music or watch series you could perhaps place your phone on aeroplane mode so as not to be disturbed and at the same time save your battery.

It's also quite useful for when you're out of cell range as the constant search for signal could also be a drain on your battery life. So try it out today.

6) Use Low power mode more often

There are now low power modes on most phones that reduces the use of apps and other parts of the phone thereby giving you battery more time to be available to you for use.

On the Android, open Settings then tap Battery - open the menu (three dots) then choose Battery saver to set when the feature is activated. The similar feature on iOS can be found via the Battery page in Settings, and you can switch it on manually if you don't want to wait until your battery is nearly dead.

7) Take care of your Battery

Look out for your battery, you guys are basically partners. Using the charger that came with the phone is a good way to go about this. Also don't wait till it's on 0.5% before charging it and on the other side of things, try not to leave it charging beyond capacity for too long as this will cause wear and tear.

Temperature also surprisingly plays a big part in your battery's survival, try not to expose it to extreme temperatures.

If you follow these rules, you can be guaranteed that your battery and by extension your phone witll live a long and happy life.

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