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KGI Securities analyst Ming-chi Kuo is a man who is usually spot on when it comes to his leaks regarding Apple products. 
With that in mind if we are to go with that, then maybe we should all be getting pretty excited. It has been reported that 2017's iPhone will be a major rebrand, revamping a lot of the features and adding a ton of new stuff. 
No one knows what the name will be, but that's all part of the excitement. 
So, the 2017 iPhone, according to Kuo, will be made primarily from glass, including curved glass bodywork designed to replicate the shape of the iPhone 4s. 
And from the looks of things an industry insider has made comments that corroborate this claim.
Allen Horng, CEO of Catcher Technology which is an Apple supplier has made comments about the glass body talks.
The firm builds smartphone bodies and has made them for previous iPhone models where it has created the metal components.
According to reports Horng said "as far as I know, only one model will adopt glass casing next year," he said this response to questions regarding the 2017 iPhone. 
This could mean that the contemporary iPhone Plus or iPhone Pro model will retain a metal build.
From the sounds of things too it could be that the all-glass iPhone model will have a rigid metal frame inside the glass casing.
Horng suggested that he is not worried about an all-glass iPhone having an impact on his business; this likely means that even with the all glass body, the inside will retain it's metal form and his firm will handle that plus it will still likely make the non-glass iPhone model for the same year.
So Apple fans be very excited, you'll be getting an egg for a phone next year.

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