Twitter CEO Dick Costolo steps down but will remain on Board, and Jack Dorsey appointed Interim CEO. | Mobile phone latest news Google+ Follow Smartfonefreaks on Twitter

Looking at a disappointing amount of user growth in social network Twitter, the executive Dick Costolo steps down. He was under pressure from authorities on improving overall importance of this network as there is need for increase in followers and people who sign up for it.
Sites co-founder Jack Dorsey will be replacing him at this post. Social media keeps getting led down when there is need for increase in number of users. A way suggested was by advertising on different social networks and trying to draw attention to betterment and usage.
People have a restriction in getting followers on this social network. User must only have a maximum of 2000 people he is following. Addition of only 200 followers is allowed when people try to socialize on this network and add more friends.
People who are from high profiles are usually registered on this network but tweets are not communicating more effectively when comparison of other social is made such as Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

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