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AdSense has a new logo!

When it come to Google, they don't need anyone's approval to do and undo, in that sense they have rebranded their Revenue sharing platform called Google Adsense.

Well as a publisher too i think i've always noticed each new development comes either by email after they have implemented it, although i think this new logo perfectly fits the whole dashboard which gives it that "Flat" design.

This rebranding as it seems did explain how Google Adsense tends to help people do more of what they love around the world.

However from their Google Plus page there are tons of comments some say they love it, others prefer the old logo while the rest who apparently have been banned from Adsense dropped very harsh comments... Click Here to goto the Adsense Google Plus Page

But overall i think the video is nice and it basically just showed publishers testimonials even though Adsense team tend to call them Customers!

Watch the video below and tell us if you ever enjoyed being a Google Adsense publisher/advertiser and if you love/like the new logo.

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