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So i woke up this morning and was just wondering what to write, um here's a piece on Email Marketing since i've been getting emails from different vendors and i notice there are quite alot of wrong doings when it comes to email marketing. I'm not a Pro but on a second thought i think i could do much better.

Email marketing is one great tool everyone and anyone in this age must use. If you're a frequent email user, i mean you check your email everyday you'll see bunch of email newsletter sometimes you wonder how they got your email(story for another day) but the most important part is what the email newsletter is offering.

Today i want to detail some tips on this topic and i believe some readers though have gone past this stage however, for starters who are new to email marketing, can digest to this....

But let me first explain that while having plenty email address matters, if you don't know how to use email marketing well you'll be sending continuous junk mails to random email addresses in disguise as email marketing which could hurt future customers.

So now let's get back to the topic.

1 - Analyse your email addresses: For every email marketer this is your first goal. In this way you can be sure you'll be targeting customers who are likely to be interested in that particular product.

Otherwise when next you send an email to certain people who aren't interested, it's either they treat your email as SPAM or include your email in bulk delete.

2 - A Good Subject or Title: Most email newsletter i get often times don't give catchy keyword or sentences that ignites the other part of me to click and check out what the mail is offering. So you need to get your sentences right before sending your mail.

3 - Good Content: While subject matters, a Good Content is vital. After a user clicks on an mail, he/she expects what the subject implies and if they don't get that info, an impulsive Delete action will be taken. 

So in other for you to avoid that, always make sure your content looks good See below...

*Use Quality images, make use of words that relates to the product/service you're offering. 
* Never use default newsletter text fonts, Never use only black colors, mix your text with colors related to your company logo or website so there can be a uniformity.
* Make sure the mail address you're using can be replied to.
* Don't make typographical errors, read, read and re-read your email before sending. It shows class. 
* Format your mail in two columns or three columns depending on the type of email marketing software you're using. 
 **A plain email newsletter without originality just poses a SPAM threat or makes the recipient not to trust you the sender coz plain emails are fondly used by SPAMMERS.

In addition if your prospect are gmail user you'll notice certain emails automatically goes to Primary, Social, Promotions. If your email is well formated, it'll most likely be in promotions, with that if your subject is provocative to click then your content has to be great.

Email marketing is just like a website, If you have a nice Post title and your content is lifeless trust me you'll be having a bountiful "1000% Bounce Rate" which means your title got the user but the content sent the user out as fast as possible, Thats a bad website, So could your email newsletter. Bounce rate are meant to be less than 10% which gives a website more page impression! 

Haven't done that, do some research based on what you're marketing.

3 - Follow-Ups: After stressfully composing, re-modifying and sending the email to your prospect, obviously not everyone will respond so the next is a Follow Up email.

You can send follows up more than twice depending on the product but don't just resend the same email(you'll look desperate) here's what to do...

* Change the Subject: Could Be... 

"Two Days Remaining...... Your Subject".

"You May Have Missed Our........Your Subject".
"You Won't Believe This Amazing......Your Subject"

"Special Offer"....and so on

4 - Second Follow Up: This should be the last if you're not marketing a product with discount. So your subject should be something that makes the recipient guilty if he/she doesn't take action. I'm just saying tho coz i've fallen severally for this but often times i dont take actions because i dont need the product.

So in this email, you can tweak the subject and the content just a bit making it still look fresh, also if you're running a promo just tweaking the Subject won't do, try adjusting the position of your product, you could align some from right to left and vice versa.

5 - Hail Mary: Usually the last email you're sending to the recipient indicating the offer ends today or in 12hours etc. If you still get no response just assume it's a dead end for that email/emails.

And thats it folks, like i said i'm not a pro in email marketing but i just feel this tips could help someone out there. Peace Out!!!

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