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After launching iPhone 6 and 6 Plus few weeks back, Apple is expected to release a new sets of iPads and it's going to be a special event according to a reliable source.

The set date is October 16 and rumor has it that some spanking cute new iMacs will be coming out too (same day).
Apple who apprently lost $20 billion off its value after it was forced to pull the latest update for its mobile operating system iOS 8 just few hours of it launch due to series of problems with the software hopes this new iPads and iMacs will get them back on track.

We also heard about how the iPhone 6 goes bent ? 

Well, concerned iPhone 6 owners are now relieved with the help of a company who recently launched pre-bent cases to fit snugly to the misshapen devices, the cases were produced using a 3D printer plus it costs around £12, manufactured and sold by Shapeways.

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