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If you've ever wondered and pondered where the heck is the download path for your Appcake downloaded apps then you're at the right place coz i'm about to show you how to find those apps and also backed them to your PC for a later time installation, not to waste time re-downloading and most especially to free up space on your iPhone.

First of all if you don't know Appcake then you haven't known what Jailbreak is, sadly this is not the time for that. If you want to Jailbreak your iPhone using Pangu kindly Google it to follow simple instructions and it works like magic, then you can come back to this post to check the path where your downloaded Apps are.

Difficulty: Easy
Time: 2mins
Device: All iPhone

Tutorial Begins:

For those who know Appcake:
Download iFunBox to your System, Install it normal.

Now lets locate the file we downloaded from AppCake.

1. Connect your iPhone to your system.

2. Start iFunbox you just installed.

3. Click on iFunbox Classic

Then follow the steps in the image below.

Number 7 in the image above is the downloaded files and i think the BTDownload Folders refers to the downloads from Torrent (If you've updated to the latest Appcake which now allows Torrent downloads your Apps will be stored there.)

Just incase you don't understand the directions of the arrow simply follow this steps.

Click on iFunbox Classic ---> "Raw File System" ---> User ---> Media ---> Appcake ---> Download ---> Downloaded ---> Look to your right there's the Apps you've downloaded.

Final steps for us to extract it to our PC.

Again if you don't understsand the illustration above follow below.

Once you've seen the apps, just RIGHT CLICK on the APP you want to copy to PC and then locate where you want to store it but it's advisable to copy them to your itunes folders which is....

C:\Users\Your PC Name\Music\iTunes\iTunes Media\Mobile Applications

So that whenever you want to install it, it appears in the iTunes Apps ready for install. 

And that's how you locate and save the apps downloaded from AppCake. Hope it was as easy i thought and if not drop your comments and we can digg it together. 

Please Note: Downloading Premium Apps from AppCake is not a legal thing to do however if you want to test the app in FULL before buying then you can download from Appcake and uninstall the app once done. The developer got family and bills to pay plus it took them sleepless night trying to code and design those stuffs just for YOU!

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