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In Nigeria there are loads of online banking, mobile money and stuff but none seem to fill in the appetite of an average Nigerian developer or e-commerce starts-up who wants to make money online genuinely without the fear of the International buyer or seller feeling abit skeptical when you don't have a PayPal account. But lately Mastercard has been making things possible(but not so well like PayPal would do).

Fortunately on Monday (16th June 2014) former Visa Executive Rupert Keeley announced that PayPal will be adding 10 new countries including Nigeria to it's database. The executive in charge of the EMEA region made it clear that for now these countries will only be allowed to make payment online wherever they see the PayPal Logo.

Now you'll wonder why you still haven't seen Nigeria listed in the Signup page when you visit http://paypal.com ? Well it's simply because the PayPal website automatically detects your country from your IP (Internet Protocol) and then redirects you to the country your IP tells it. But now for those who would love to Signup for this PayPal account directly kindly follow this easy steps below...

How To Signup For The Nigerian PayPal Account

Register a PayPal account from Nigeria.

1. Visit Paypal Nigerian homepage via https://www.paypal.com/ng/ and click on Signup at the top right corner of the page.

2. Click “Open Account” under the “individual” section for a personal account (Unless you want a business account you can click on Business).

3. Fill in the required details including you Credit Card Details (Genuine Details as it'll be used for Verification via your bank account) and click on “Agree and Create Account“.

P.S: If you get an error with the credit card you're using, don't bother about it continue the sign up but go to your bank to make a complain why your card wasn't accepted on PayPal.

 4 You should be in your account dashboard but before you make any move check your inbox for EMAIL Verification. 

The email should look like this...


Dear Jewish Boy(Your Full Name Tho),
Thanks for joining PayPal.
For your security, we need to make sure you are the owner of this account. Please click Activate My Account to confirm your email address.
Activate My Account
Here's what we have on file for you.... Blah Blah Blah! Just click on Activate My Account and enter the confirmation code that came with the email(it's 20 numeric numbers)
Something like...   Confirmation Code 

You're one step away from Getting a truly Verified PayPal Account here in Nigeria.

To Get Verified Using Any Bank Naira MasterCard/Visa Card (Not Verve).

This part is important because you'll be limited to $250 when you want to spend and also you can't even spend when your account balance is $0.00 USD.  you'll need your credit card to shop/pay for goods.

1. Now click on "GET VERIFIED" a new page opens... See Image below.


2. Click Continue...Bear in mind that $1.95(Almost two dollars: 162x2 = 324naira) will be deducted from your card but will be refunded in 24hrs just to be sure the credit card details and information you checked in corresponds to that in your local bank account. By now you should receive an alert(unless disabled) from your bank via SMS or email with a code which you’ll use in completing the final verification process.

The SMS alert should read.
The Naira equivalent of USD1.95 has been authorized for the transaction done on PP*0123CODE 0123456789FF

3. Don't delete the text, copy the 4 digits before CODE (highlighted in red above). That’s what you need to confirm your card.

4. Login back to your PayPal account, click on "Confirm Card” link which should appear on the right sidebar of your dashboard. Then type in the four-digits you copied from your bank alert and click on “Confirm Card” as shown below.

5. A pop-up window should show congratulating you... See Screenshot below

6. Go back to your account, VIOLA!!!

Hope this helps and Happy PayPaling lol.

Piece of Advice: Never use your email address on sites not genuine and also make sure your account use falls in with PayPal policy else you might loose your account(Possibly Money).

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