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Reports reaching us explains that Wifi Calling has been enabled in the coming iOS 8 software for iPhone, iPad devices. This feature will allow customers to make phone calls without using a cellular connection. This feature is actually for users who are on a low voice minutes and also allowing roaming overseas without Sim. But if you're thinking BBM Voice, you're wrong because this feature is somewhat limited in the sense that depending on your phone carrier their are certain policies that comes with this feature.

One user comment from imore.com explained it....Read his comment below
There seems to be quite a bit of confusion and misinformation out there regarding Wi-Fi Calling. From what I can tell, Wi-Fi Calling DOES use your monthly pool minutes. See T-Mobile's FAQ here: http://t-mo.co/1tGbG7b which says, "Calls made from the US to US numbers use plan minutes" and Rogers' here: http://roge.rs/1iROGNa which states, "Any voice usage within Wi-Fi coverage is applied against voice minutes allocated in your existing wireless voice plan."
It's great that it will improve call quality and reliability in areas with weak cell network signals. For some people, that will be huge. But If you have a limited amount of plan minutes per month, Wi-Fi Calling will not help you extend those minutes.
P.S: This comment applies to Users in the US per se.

Telecommunication giant who confirmed that has confirmed this feature will roll out once the iOS 8 is fully launched are T-Mobile (a U.S. carrier) and Rogers (in Canada). T-Mobile was first to confirm this tho.

But one question still remains is this feature activated on iPhone/iPad without carriers (well ofcourse it should ?).

Rogers in Canada has stated it will support the feature when it debuts, in a statement provided via email to iPhoneinCanada.ca:
We’ll support the iOS 8 Wi-Fi calling feature when it becomes available in Canada. In the meantime, Rogers customers using the Rogers One Number service on their computer, tablet or smartphone can already make calls over Wi-Fi. They can video chat with other Rogers One Number users or call any Canadian number for free, no matter where they are. For more info on Rogers One Number http://Rogers.com/OneNumber.

Other carriers like Telus and Bellare are yet to update us whether they'll be supporting this feature as well.

Img: iMore.com
Src: IphoneinCanada

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