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A brand new Mozilla Firefox is here but we think its a Google Chrome clone however after watching the video below we really agree this Firefox 29 browser might become one of the best Web browser in the world.

What’s New

  •   Significant new customization mode makes it easy to personalize your Web experience to access the features you use the most (learn more)
  •   A new, easy to access menu sits in the right hand corner of Firefox and includes popular browser controls
  • Sleek new tabs provide an overall smoother look and fade into the background when not active
  •   An interactive onboarding tour to guide users through the new Firefox changes
  • The ability to set up Firefox Sync by creating a Firefox account (learn more)
  •   Gamepad API finalized and enabled (learn more)
  •   HTTPS used for Yahoo Searches performed in en-US locale
  •   Malay [ma] locale added

Here's the official link to download Mozilla Firefox 29

Remember on the 19th of Aug - 2013 Techcrunch posted about Instagram banning apps using the "Insta" and "Gram" words in their names due to copyright and other issues? Well i think things are getting into shapes as we see third party Instagram websites bending to the policy.

Actually what caught my attention was the email i got from Statigram(sorry Iconosquare) few days ago about their new brand name, though i just couldn't bother coz i haven't been on Instagram from my PC for a long time, but it was a comment made by a user on Statigram blog (Andy Leeming) who commented the following...

Statigram is now Iconosquare

andy leeming  5 days agoCut the bullshit, Instagram introduced into their API terms that apps could no longer use the word 'Gram' so apps like Statigram are having to rebrand.

andy leeming  5 days agoHence why Webstagram rebranded to Websta this week too. Coincidence? ;)

andy leeming  4 days ago1. The smaller website probably don't care or 2. Haven't got round to rebranding yet.
Regardless, Statigram and Webstagram have both rebranded due to the new API terms. Fact.

Now lemme take you on a recap.. This is from TechCrunch on Aug 19th 2013

Instagram has updated its brand guidelines to ban apps that feature either the word “Insta” or “Gram" in their names, and it has begun sending emails to existing apps requesting that they change those components “within a reasonable period.”
The emails specifically call out a few updates to the Instagram Brand Guidelinesthat restrict the use of things like logos and the full “Instagram” name. Now, they’re even more specific. An email sent to the Luxogram team, for instance, reads as follows (emphasis ours):
We appreciate your interest in developing products that help people share with Instagram. While we encourage developers to build great apps with Instagram, we cannot allow other applications to look like they might be official Instagram applications or endorsed or sponsored by us.
As we hope you can appreciate, protection of its well-known trademarks is very important to Instagram. For example, it has always been against our guidelines to use a name that sounds or looks like “Instagram” or copies the look and feel of our application. Similarly, as we have clarified in the new guidelines, use of “INSTA” and “GRAM” for an application that works with Instagram is harmful to the Instagram brand. It is important that you develop your own distinctive branding for your applications, and use Instagram’s trademarks only as specifically authorized under our policies.

Now that's the email warning to the third party sites. I think they gave them alot of space to rebrand coz i can see Luxogram still runs fully but it looks like something is up with them... Before posting this i visited their site luxogram.co and here's what the webpage responded on a first timer visit... It states "Luxogram is still in beta. Please work with me as i polish features and iron out the bugs"
The moment you click "I understands, continue..." that message won't appear. Though Techcrunch lay claims that  Luxogram’s creator says that he’s unlikely to make all of the changes that Instagram wants, and will probably shut it down for good. 

I really think that's just impossible for a site handling over 1million users monthly!
StatigramLuxogramWebstagramGramfeedInstadrop,Instagallery and dozens more use either word but as of the time of this post, Statigram,Webstagram and Instagallery have all changed their names to Iconosquare, Websta and InfinityGallery respectively. They've all rebranded to a sophisticated web app with great user friendly interface that just keeps you glued.
I hope i've been able to sort why the sudden name change.
About the new Iconosquare?
Reposted: Today() is a very special day for our community and our team. Today Statigram becomes Iconosquare!
Since May 2011 our platform has improved significantly and our community has grown up to 8M registered members including all the most important brands worldwide such as Coca-Cola, Starbucks, Victoria’s Secret, KLM, etc. Originally strictly focused on the analytical aspect we have made Statigram the world’s leading analytics and marketing suite for Instagram thanks to your precious feedback and suggestions.
As of today Statigram is no longer only about analyzing your performance on Instagram it is also about managing your activity and engaging your community. That’s why we have decided to change our name and become Iconosquare. We believe this name perfectly reflects the way our platform has evolved over the last few years.
Iconosquare is the place where images gather, the place where visual content matters. Our name and our logo have changed but our platform remains the same and you will still be able to access all the features you’ve enjoyed so far.
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