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For close to 3 weeks I refused to update my Whatsapp Messenger, and all of a sudden Today I got a Whatsapp text message which reads...

"New version of Whatsapp Messenger is now available. Please visit http://www.whatsapp.com/ota/ and upgrade to the latest version. Your upgrade will be Free and will bring new feature such as Broadcast List!"

The senders name appeared as "server", for a moment I paused(with a sarcastic face like "I don't have anyone on my contact list named "server"). So I realised Whatsapp Messenger developers and creators were only using this to advertise the New feature that comes with the Upgraded Whatsapp messenger.

Well atleast this calmed me down, but what is this Broadcast List all about?

Good question and here's the answer, We all know BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) can do Broadcast message(even whatsapp, though you're limited to a particular number of Broadcast message per role).
With this new Broadcast List, you can create a list of people you want to send a BC(broadcast) to plus you can send Pictures,Videos,Audio,Contact,GPS Location, email the conversation etc to this number of people at the same time.

But my question is why call it a Broadcast list when its just a similar function like Creating a Group?
Don't get it twisted, its called a Broadcast List because it is at your own discretion that you're creating multi-chat instantaneously to contacts who have you as contact.
Hence, when you send a BC to this contacts they get it automatically, unlike Group chat; you have to invite them( Don't worry I'm going to discuss Difference between a Broadcast Message and Group Message).

The beauty part of this Upgrade is that Its FREE! But the disadvantage of it is that you can't rename the list, they just appear with contact names also the Audio isn't mp3 supported, you're only allowed to send Voice Note(lool this is Funny and good too)

At the time of posting this, there's no estimate amount of people that can be on the list(more or less Unlimited Yay!).

Download the Whatsapp Messenger OTA Download WhatsApp straight to your mobile.

OTA means(Over The Air).

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