I just got this text message from Bharti Airtel, and it states that...

"Dear Customer, effective 3rd Dec 2013 AIRTEL BB Plans will cease to function on non BB devices or used as a modem . Thank you."

Well what this means is that for everyone(when I mean everyone, I mean IPhone,Android users e.g Techno, Samsung, Sony Ericsson and Pc Modem users) who uses Airtel BB plan to surf the web will no longer be able to do so after 3rd Dec 2013(which is actually my Birthday! #AngryFace).

What's the way forward?

Well on the other hand if this IT giant don't reduce the prices and then increase MegaBytes for other smartphones and Modem users, I fear this is a wakeup call for the debunked #FreeBrowsing Tips and Trick.(Perhaps they might have to pass it law that Free browsing is a Criminal Offence lol).