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Tim Cook and his team seem to be very inspired in this latest iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c with the latest technology integrated on it.

Apple's Touch ID sensor for the iPhone 5s was designed to be used with fingerprints, but it seems that it can also be used with other body parts as the folks at Japanese website, Rocket News, have found out when they attempted to lock and unlock the iPhone 5s using their nipples.

One person locked and registered his nipple with the Touch ID, and successfully managed to unlock it by putting it against his chest. When another person attempted something similar with his phone, it did not work, proving that nipples can be one way to lock your iPhone 5s if fingerprints are a little too obvious.

They also experimented with Touch ID using their toes and it turned out to be a success as well, so for those who feel that fingers are a little too obvious and cliche, here are two additional body parts you can use!

The Video however can be found on Youtube with the follow search query " How to Register your iPhone 5s/5c with Nipples and Toes"

Seen on ubergizmo.com

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