Blackberry Postpone BBM till further Notice due to Fake BBM on iOS and Andriod AppStore. | Mobile phone latest news Google+ Follow Smartfonefreaks on Twitter

September 21st and 22nd was the official date released by Blackberry but unfortunately it was a Global disappointment.

However, the above screenshot from Apples Appstore shows BBM live on Appstore which eventually turned out to be FAKE.

In the late hours of september 21st a press release has also been made by BLackBerry stating...

"We know you're waiting. Pausing ‪#BBM4All‬ rollout to fix issues caused by an unreleased BBM for Android app. Read more: http://blck.by/1bywAAI"

Although another source claims BBM has stated rollingout on iPhones. But it proves to be Fake still.

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