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Today Sony officially launches its much awaited game console the “Sony PS Vita” which has finally arrived in Europe and North America.

Back In Dec 2011, Sony released this console in Japan and the PS Vita has seen a fair amount of success through its sales in its early days, having sold 321,000 copies within its first two days in Japan. That is a decent figure but its still 50,000 unit sales behind what the Nintendo 3DS scored in its own first two days.

The image below shows the Happy Japan Sony customers with their “Vitas”

Looks like there's more than one editions in it, first Edition bundle ($350 for a 3G Vita, a carrying case, and a 4GB memory card),the $250 Wi-Fi only Vita is also on sale for the first time in the United States, along with the $300 non- bundle 3G/Wi-Fi Vita. The 3G/Wi-Fi Vita is part of a launch bundle, separate from The First Edition bundle, which includes an 8GB memory card (but not case) for a limited time.

You can read more about the features by Clicking here

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