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Research In Motion Ltd. has lost another major enterprise customer, this time to Apple Inc.

Halliburton Co, Houston Texas-based firm which is among the largest energy services providers in the world plans to replace about 4,500 company-issued BlackBerrys with iPhones within two years. The reason is in order to better support our mobile applications initiatives, said by Halliburton representative to social medias on Tuesday.

Don't be perplexed, recall In November 2010, computer maker Dell Inc. removed approximately
25,000 BlackBerry smartphones and issued employees with devices based on Microsoft Corp.’s Windows Phone 7 platform instead. Also Bank of America and Citigroup company who currently have a massive 500k employees put together, are also considering switching to RIM's rival APPLE in a matter of time.

In the market arena RIM’s share of the United States smartphone market has plummeted from a high of 42.1% two years ago to just 16% by the end of 2011. But the UK shares hasn't dropped yet its still the number one choice for UK citizens/immigrants.

Conclusion: While BlackBerry slows in Bringing the device that will catch back the eye of her lost customer, other manufacturers are way ahead. At the moment Apple already released iPhone 4/4s consecutively with iOS 5 that got that voice to message thing called iSiri, while blackberry are still on the same BlackBerry 7 platform that still has not yet moved the market, but we hear of a BlackBerry 10 this year( I hope this will move them back to where they slide from).

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