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Apple this year will be unveiling their new products which i believe some customers are already anticipating to lay their hands on it. And also we have sorted out what could be the in thing from Apple this year, below are the list and reviews of what we believe could storm the Industry from Apple Inc.

iPad 3
Fair enough, we can expect an iPad 3 from
Apple this year, and this iPad 2 successor will be coming within the next three or four months. Rumor has it that this new iPad will seriously pack a punch with an A6 quad core processor and Siri
personal assistant app and also there will be a
whopping 1536 x 2048 pixel screen with 330-dpi
on the new iPad. An entirely new design and
thinness can also be expected.

iPhone 5
Mid last year rumor went around saying Apple already lauched iPhone 5 and it went on until the company finally released its official device naming it iPhone 4s but on a more serious note the iPhone 5 will surely be a reality this year.
Now, we can probably look for an iPhone 5 with
a 4-inch display, iOS 6, revamped Siri app, a
quad core A6 processor, NFC and many other

iPad Mini (Amazon's kindle like tablet)
This is another rumor regarding that Apple will most likely roll out a small version of its iPad in
competition to Amazon Kindle Fire and other 7-
inch tablets. Apple is
reportedly researching on a small iPad for late
this year so they say.
Please note that the image above is typically a sample or size of what the iPad mini might look like i guess its going to be more height less width

iOS 6
This is a done deal from Apple because traditionally Apple rolls out an upgrade to its
iOS mobile operating system every year. Last
year, we had iOS 5; there will certainly be an
iOS 6 this year. The new version of iOS will be
up with many cutting edge features. Of course,
the new iPhone 5 will land in with iOS 6 as the

Revamped Siri
Siri is one of the most successful features of
iPhone 4S. Indeed, fueled by its success, Apple
will be updating the voice recognition app with
many new features and bug fixes. Apple will
certainly look for a technological evolution for
Siri app. There might be support for more
languages, colloquial phrases and others.
Maybe, Siri will be extended to iPad and iPod
also this year.

The above expectations are just the core updates i think we should expect and the other updates could be a New Mac book Airs, Fresh look of Apple TV, Enhanced iCloud and others

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