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This tutorial is going to teach you how to enable your Blackberry as a modem for your PC/Mac.

First we will need the following,

1 BlackBerry Desktop Manager Version 5.0 (this is the software we will be using Click Here from Cnet to download it as this version no longer exist on BlackBerry site except the version 6.0)
2 A Blackberry phone with minimum 4.2 OS and above installed on the phone (to check this goto your phone option, about).
3 A USB cable.
4 BIS plan (BlackBerry Internet Service) must be active!

Note: section 4 is required and if you subscribe for Social it won't work, lucky enough it might connect but you will only Be allowed to access social networking sites like Facebook,twitter and others.

Ok now we are set,

Step 1 install the DM Version 5.0(desktop Manager short form) you just downloade.

Step 2 Goto your phone's Option=Advance settings=TCP/IP=here you will see APN Settings enabled, mark it then put in you Networks APN(known as Access Point), mark the username and password for APN and insert your networks User name and password. With this you are good to go! Save and close.

Note: In-case you are confuse or don't know your Networks APN try Google Search you will see it there and also I would love to help you get it only if you post a comment and tell me the name of your Network.

Step 3 Connect your phone via your USB (allow it to install some stuffs if its the first time of connecting to PC, sometimes it tells you to update but ignore it).

Note:Make sure it says 'Device connected (PIN) Blackberry 9900 (your Pin shows here)'

Step 4 Open Desktop Manager from your desktop, click on IP Modem see image below,

Click on Configure see image below...

there's a lot of profiles that came with the DM software the default is 3 Australia, search for your own network if its listed see image below

if your network is listed select it and Click ok, you are good to go from here (but if you didn't see your network click on Add custom Profile=type in your networks access point user name and password, then your access point, leave the additional commands blank see image below

Click Save then wait two seconds before clicking OK

Step 5 Now Click on Connect (it pops out something see image below)
ignore AND Click continue

the image below shows progress....

Step 6 Your connected !!!

(to confirm this drag your mouse to your network icon on your computer it shows blue with a world logo which shows you are online)

Following this steps will definitely get your PC/Mac Connected to the Internet.

Note: This works perfectly as other modems and now your BlackBerry serves as a Modem to your computer, it works with all your applications and also to enjoy fast network Disable auto update on your system and other irrelevant apps wishing to update...Works with Yahoo Messenger,Skype, Hot Messenger, New Facebook Desktop messenger among others.
Thank you for reading do share with others.

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