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Jan 27 2010 marks the Launch of Apple iPad Since the launch of this Tablet, the world has never rested on murmuring and asking "how come its this slim" what kind of chip sets are inside ? " and the questions goes on...but in todays history iPad is among one of the most sold device for Apple, iPad has sold over 15.4 million units worldwide and its still one of the first choice for anyone who wants to use a Tablet PC.

Ever since the iPad came in existence two years ago, a lot of changes happened both Positives and Negative in the sense that people no longer want a gadget with low memory, poor GUI, SD pictures, no flexibility handle, and much more...

This device has also conquered almost all the Tablets made by other tablet companies but Amazon kindle fire which is not upto 6 months in existence is fast becoming a rival to iPad, lately this Android tablet has sold over 6 million kindle Fire across the globe and critics says the kindle sold this amount base on the fact that the Amazon Kindle is worth half the price of iPad 1.

In Dec alone Amazon officials claimed they sell atleast 2 million Kindle Fire units per week. Another tablet that made close to such sale was HP touchPad , 300k units were sold in less than 48hrs and why it went this way was also because HP dropped their prize to as low as $99 oh and also Amazon Kindle was as low as $199 while iPad at that time sells from $399!.

Currently iPad 2 prize starts from $499 from Apple store while rumors are already spreading about Apple launching iPad 3 before the end of summer.

An italian company based in Italy published this lovely Android wrist watch, it made a lot of sales in the Xmas period and one of the core features is that you can make and receive calls just by touching the screen, connect it to a Bluetooth headphones and its not fully water resistance but there's one that is water resistance but it doesn't have much feature like this one...check out pic below

You can also get your watch with Chrome and Google logos, so you can show off your love for your favorite browser and search engine if you don’t use an Android.

This apparently isn't a fresh news tho, this happened last year November when a week before the end of the month Google announced the closure of GMail for BlackBerry, in quote from Googleappsupdates.blogspot.com
“ Beginning November 22, 2011, we will end support for the Gmail
App for Blackberry (installed native app). Over this past year,
we've focused efforts on building a great Gmail experience in the
mobile browser and will continue investing in this area.
Users may continue to use the app, if installed, however it will not
be supported by Google, or available for download starting
November 22. BlackBerry users can continue to access Gmail
through the mobile web app at http://www.gmail.com in their
BlackBerry web browser”

Gmail for BlackBerry is an application that pushes emails straight to your blackberry phone with no hassle but Google didn't consider the fact that some people still use old blackberry OS Which the native browser doesn't support HTML5. And also looking at the Android version its pretty Much fascinating with the new GUI integration that makes you just wanna read your emails over and over again but on the iOS its not that bad.

Android smartfones

In December last year apparently one of the biggest rumors spread concerning Google's mobile phone Operating System ANDROID was that Google bragged that 700,000 new android powered Smartphone were been Activated on a daily bases, if this is likely to be true then before the year runs out we might be having close to a Billion Android smartphones globally if they don't relent.

Currently Android is making way in the market infact Android stand the chance of being the second best mobile platform in the Market. According to my rating for best selling Mobile smartphones are Apple-iPhone, Google-Android and RIM-BlackBerry.

Android logo

Google finally reveals its Q4 earnings for 2011 and it has been revealed that the Android app market isn't doing bad instead its matching up, reaching 11 billion hits for 2011. Who knows what will be the outcome for this year because the range in which technology and it user friendly applications are getting the attentions of consumers(which is me and you) is dynamic, so overwhelming.

The 11 billion downloads include virtually everything that one can
download from the Android Market including music downloads, games, movies, and of course applications etc...

EA logo
Electronic Arts(EA) sports are ready for the launch of the New PS Vita launching on Feb 22, according to EA producer Matt prior he said "One of the things we set out to do from the start was create a version of FIFA which felt as weighty as the PS3 versions, he further explained in his own words " EA SPORTS FIFA Football on PS Vita is the most complex and complete FIFA game we've ever made for any handheld system."

Fifa football
Now let's take a look at some features EA sports are promising

*Over 500 officially licensed clubs
*Eight different game modes With Career mode
*Online head-to-head mode
*Touch screen passing controls
*Crowd control (Home and Away)
*PS3 Graphics and lots more...

So if you've been searching for that perfect video game football
experience before you go to a real-life match, EA SPORTS FIFA
Football is the ideal warm-up. Make no mistake, this is a quality
debut for EA SPORTS FIFA on PS Vita - and there are plenty of tricks
left in this player's arsenal...

Conclusion by Matt Prior (EA sports producer)
"EA SPORTS FIFA Football on PS Vita is the PlayStation 3 FIFA
experience in the palm of your hand," smiles Prior. "I'd encourage
everyone to play it when it launches in February 2012 - until you
do, you won't realise how good it is."

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BlackBerry finally brought the update that fixes the Reinstall issues some App world users have been experiencing since the update of the predecessor of this update which was Version so I hope this help you guys.

Download from your Mobile.

Appworld Download link

For those who don't know BlackBerry Appworld here's a brief from BlackBerry officials webpage
Discover a world of possibilities at the BlackBerry App World™ storefront. Personalize your BlackBerry® smartphone with games, social networking, personal productivity applications and so much more. BlackBerry® apps can take full advantage of proven features like BlackBerry® push technology and GPS to name a few so you can experience apps like never before. Put more of your life on your BlackBerry® smartphone.

Note : All versions of this App from 3.0 to requires a minimum of OS 5 running on the Phone.

This tutorial is going to teach you how to enable your Blackberry as a modem for your PC/Mac.

First we will need the following,

1 BlackBerry Desktop Manager Version 5.0 (this is the software we will be using Click Here from Cnet to download it as this version no longer exist on BlackBerry site except the version 6.0)
2 A Blackberry phone with minimum 4.2 OS and above installed on the phone (to check this goto your phone option, about).
3 A USB cable.
4 BIS plan (BlackBerry Internet Service) must be active!

Note: section 4 is required and if you subscribe for Social it won't work, lucky enough it might connect but you will only Be allowed to access social networking sites like Facebook,twitter and others.

Ok now we are set,

Step 1 install the DM Version 5.0(desktop Manager short form) you just downloade.

Step 2 Goto your phone's Option=Advance settings=TCP/IP=here you will see APN Settings enabled, mark it then put in you Networks APN(known as Access Point), mark the username and password for APN and insert your networks User name and password. With this you are good to go! Save and close.

Note: In-case you are confuse or don't know your Networks APN try Google Search you will see it there and also I would love to help you get it only if you post a comment and tell me the name of your Network.

Step 3 Connect your phone via your USB (allow it to install some stuffs if its the first time of connecting to PC, sometimes it tells you to update but ignore it).

Note:Make sure it says 'Device connected (PIN) Blackberry 9900 (your Pin shows here)'

Step 4 Open Desktop Manager from your desktop, click on IP Modem see image below,

Click on Configure see image below...

there's a lot of profiles that came with the DM software the default is 3 Australia, search for your own network if its listed see image below

if your network is listed select it and Click ok, you are good to go from here (but if you didn't see your network click on Add custom Profile=type in your networks access point user name and password, then your access point, leave the additional commands blank see image below

Click Save then wait two seconds before clicking OK

Step 5 Now Click on Connect (it pops out something see image below)
ignore AND Click continue

the image below shows progress....

Step 6 Your connected !!!

(to confirm this drag your mouse to your network icon on your computer it shows blue with a world logo which shows you are online)

Following this steps will definitely get your PC/Mac Connected to the Internet.

Note: This works perfectly as other modems and now your BlackBerry serves as a Modem to your computer, it works with all your applications and also to enjoy fast network Disable auto update on your system and other irrelevant apps wishing to update...Works with Yahoo Messenger,Skype, Hot Messenger, New Facebook Desktop messenger among others.
Thank you for reading do share with others.

Think Smart Use Smartphones

In Beijing this morning Friday the 13, angry customers throw eggs at an Apple store due to the news been told to the customers that the store won't be open. It got some customers who have been on the queue about over 12 hours, so as to be among those to buy the much awaited iPhone 4s. Majority are wholesalers who wants to buy in bulk and display in their own shops or stores while others are just laying their hands for the first time and some are only queuing to upgrade the former iPhone 4.

According to Guardian.co.UK Here's what a customer said
“I got in line around 11pm, and beyond the line the plaza was chock full with people," said Huang Xiantong, 26, outside the store. "Around 5am the crowds in the plaza broke through and the line disappeared entirely. Everyone was fighting, several people were hurt," said Huang, who wanted to buy a new iPhone for his girlfriend. "The police just started hitting people. They were just brawling."

This same issue happened last year May precisely after Apple announced its launch of an iPhone 4 but was later delayed for several hours. Apple claims its for the security and protection of lives of her customers because the crowd was overwhelming and their employers may not have the capacity to handle all of them.

here's a word from Apple "The demand for the iPhone 4S has been incredible and our stores in
China have already sold out," Apple said in a statement.
"Unfortunately we were unable to open our store at Sanlitun due to
the large crowd and to ensure the safety of our customers and
employees, the iPhone will not be available in our retail stores in
Beijing and Shanghai for the time being," Apple said.
Apple's chief executive, Tim Cook, said earlier this month that
"customer response to our products in China has been off the charts.
With the launch in China … the iPhone 4S will be available in over 90
countries, making this our fastest iPhone rollout ever".

Image second: japantoday.com

Apple this year will be unveiling their new products which i believe some customers are already anticipating to lay their hands on it. And also we have sorted out what could be the in thing from Apple this year, below are the list and reviews of what we believe could storm the Industry from Apple Inc.

iPad 3
Fair enough, we can expect an iPad 3 from
Apple this year, and this iPad 2 successor will be coming within the next three or four months. Rumor has it that this new iPad will seriously pack a punch with an A6 quad core processor and Siri
personal assistant app and also there will be a
whopping 1536 x 2048 pixel screen with 330-dpi
on the new iPad. An entirely new design and
thinness can also be expected.

iPhone 5
Mid last year rumor went around saying Apple already lauched iPhone 5 and it went on until the company finally released its official device naming it iPhone 4s but on a more serious note the iPhone 5 will surely be a reality this year.
Now, we can probably look for an iPhone 5 with
a 4-inch display, iOS 6, revamped Siri app, a
quad core A6 processor, NFC and many other

iPad Mini (Amazon's kindle like tablet)
This is another rumor regarding that Apple will most likely roll out a small version of its iPad in
competition to Amazon Kindle Fire and other 7-
inch tablets. Apple is
reportedly researching on a small iPad for late
this year so they say.
Please note that the image above is typically a sample or size of what the iPad mini might look like i guess its going to be more height less width

iOS 6
This is a done deal from Apple because traditionally Apple rolls out an upgrade to its
iOS mobile operating system every year. Last
year, we had iOS 5; there will certainly be an
iOS 6 this year. The new version of iOS will be
up with many cutting edge features. Of course,
the new iPhone 5 will land in with iOS 6 as the

Revamped Siri
Siri is one of the most successful features of
iPhone 4S. Indeed, fueled by its success, Apple
will be updating the voice recognition app with
many new features and bug fixes. Apple will
certainly look for a technological evolution for
Siri app. There might be support for more
languages, colloquial phrases and others.
Maybe, Siri will be extended to iPad and iPod
also this year.

The above expectations are just the core updates i think we should expect and the other updates could be a New Mac book Airs, Fresh look of Apple TV, Enhanced iCloud and others

Apple last week announced that iPhone 4S will be available in China and 21 additional countries this Friday, January 13. This iPhone 4S features
Apple’s dual-core A5 chip for fast performance
and stunning graphics; an all-new 8-megapixel
camera with advanced optics; full 1080p HD-
resolution video recording; and Siri, an
intelligent assistant that helps you get things
done just by asking. “Customer response to our
products in China has been off the charts,” said
Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO. “With the launch in
China today, iPhone 4S will be available in
over 90 countries, making this our fastest
iPhone rollout ever.”

This is a new leaked OS 7 for blackberry 9810 and this version is an unofficial software so install at your own risk and also it was made available for 9900 last week so enjoy it on 9810 device.

Here's the download link for Blackberry 9810 OS free

Link one: Blackberry 9810 PBr7.1.0_rel561_PL5.1.0.164_A7.1.0.190.exe
File size: 245.63 MB

Link two: Blackberry_9810AllLang_PBr7.1.0_rel561_PL5.1.0.164_A7.1.0.190.exe
File size: 245.63 MB

Download source: N4BB.com

*DISCLAIMER* – This is an unofficial RIM software release. If you choose to install, do so at your own risk! Smartfonefreaks.Com is not responsible for any malfunctions or abnormalities that may occur.
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