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Breaking News! Indeed Airtel Nigeria has officially announced this new BlackBerry subscription for Nigerians only.

Apparently this isn't the first of its kind in Nigeria, because Glo Nigeria officially announced their's less than two months and I think MTN NG also has this package but both networks charge N1500 monthly which means Airtel is waving off N300 to its customers isn't that Great discount from Airtel!
Here's a little text from Airtel

“Satisfy your exact need: chat away, browse the net non-stop, send and receive mails on your blackberry.com address for N1,200 monthly. Text bsm to 440! ”

But wait...

Am not a biased person but I like to say as it is and I find this difficult for some humans, I just want to let you all know that this package has TOS(Terms and Conditions) where by you're experiencing slow connectivity its not going to be the Network providers fault its going to be based on what type of subscription you're on because you definitely won't enjoy the same service with someone whose subscription is N3000. Talking from an experience with one of the above Networks offering N1500 a month the connection is nothing to write home about, pings takes hours to deliver and the worst is Google.com its slower than my grandmother reading KJV Bible to open the webpage and when you call their Customer Care they blame your area claiming because you're not in a 3G area, why do we need to be in an area where there's 3G what if we are not?

But ever since have been using Airtel on my BlackBerry it has never given me problem so Enjoy this New package from Airtel while it last before New subscribers kill the server.

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