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BlackBerry did a great job on the New OS 7 ringtones, I personally liked it so I did some research on how OS 5 users can benefit from this nice tones RIM composed. And now even OS 4.7 users can download it to their phone only if your player is capable of playing m4a formats/file.

Today am giving out the link to Download OS 7 ringtones to your BlackBerry plus how to make it appear in your sound profile.
Okay since you are ready scroll down this post and click the download link once downloaded successfully, you'll need an extractor Coz its in a ZIP file(don't be scared there's a free app you can download to unzip it). There are two simple ways you can use to unzip this stuffs for FREE

First step is for Mobile Users: Download FILESCOUT from AppWorld or click FILESCOUT once found download it after you've downloaded it, it'll ask you to restart your phone accept it. Once your phone is turned on there will be a short cut on your menu screen, open it you should see (SYSTEM , STORE and SDcard this is where you'll see all your files, locate where you stored the zip file ones found PRESS menu click unzip but remember when you want to unzip don't just unzip in where you found the ZIP file goto MemoryCard=BlackBerry=RINGTONES then Unzip there. Ones it has finish you can now goto Sounds=Edit Profile=Loud=Phone then choose any of the New Ringtones you have downloaded and enjoy! OS 7 ringtones on your OS 5 .

Second step is for Pc users: On PC its quite very easy but requires someone who knows how to connect and disconnect his/her BlackBerry and am not talking about DM(BlackBerry Desktop Manager). Now scroll down this post and download the ZIP file........Finished Downloading? Ok simply goto the Zip file you just downloaded( Trust me its Virus Free No Trick here) Unzip the file you just downloaded to a̶̲̥̅̊ folder, after Unzipping Open the folder CTRL + A to select all then press CTRL + C to copy haven't done that connect you BlackBerry to you PC using USB after that accept mass storage mode on your BlackBerry to be able to view your files from your SYSTEM. Ones successfully connected open your phone folder on your PC if you want to save it on your memory card Goto Computer=removable disk=BlackBerry=Ringtone=then paste what you copied from the Zip file into this folder then Disconnect you phone from the USB! Boom! You now have an OS 7 ringtone on you OS 5.


Note: This is for those who can't afford Phones with OS 7 built ;) and do not hesitate to report if the links is broken.


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