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Just a week ago APPLE™ released its ever anticipated iOS 5.0 update for iPhone, iPad, iPad 2, and 4G iTouch which tends to fix bugs occurred in the previous version, but as some gurus of iPhone knows when APPLE™ fixes a problem using updates some how you just wake up one morning and find out your phone's cramping your style.

Apparently from my experience I think this Update is quite cool with the new features they put together, but I notice after installed the update my battery life never remained the same, battery gets drain so quickly I don't seem to comprehend it. Anyways Let me not scare you its good to try NEW things and as far as I know some APPLE™ genius are working towards fixing such issues.

Below are the download link for the UPDATES

iPhone 4 S iOS 5.0 (size 796.7MB)Click to Download
iPhone 4 GSM iOS 5.0 (size 774.3MB)Click to Download
iPhone 4 CDMA iOS 5.0 (size 781.8MB )Click to Download
iPhone 3G S iOS 5.0 (size 668.7MB )Click to Download
iPod Touch 4G iOS 5.0 (size 761.5MB )Click to Download
iPad 1 iOS 5.0 (size 700.2MB )Click to Download
iPad 2 WIFI iOS 5.0 (size 707.1MB )Click to Download
iPad 2 GSM iOS 5.0 (size 716MB )Click to Download
iPad 2 CDMA iOS 5.0 (size 721.3MB )Click to Download

*NOTE:This update is for non-jailbreakers and Unlockers, do not attempt to try, do so at your own/phone risk.

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