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Like we all know the first generation of Androids OS codename was CupCake and the latest update is Jelly Bean. You might ask what are they thinking I mean Google and its developer bringing such names into Mobile Technology, well don't be surprise because before this fellows we have been hearing of Apple yea, and also a network Carrier Orange Mobile plus the reigning Pinging phone BlackBerry now somebody might wonder what's the meaning,well don't also forget Intel also named its CPUs after rivers so what's behind it iono lol(do some research).
Now let's take some observation about the alphabets used on this Android, below are the dessert OS update and their year of released.

Android OS v1.1 -Feb 2009 (no name for this version Coz its the first released)
CupCake v1.5 -May 2009 (this not the second release but this is where it all began)
Donut v1.6 -Sept 2009
Eclair v2.1 -Jan 2010
Froyo v2.2 -Feb 2010
GingerBread v2.3 -Dec 2010
HoneyComb v3.0/3.1/3.2 Feb/July/August 2011
IceCream Sandwich v4.0 Oct 2011
Jelly Bean*(Unavailable as at the time of this post)

Now take a look at their Alphabetical Order you should by now notice this "A for Android, B for ?( sorry B has been skipped for some reason known to Google) C for CupCake, D for Donut, E for Eclair, F for Froyo, G for GingerBread, H for HoneyComb, I for Ice Cream sandwich, and now the latest we have J for Jelly Bean.
Try and guess what might come next, did you mention K, nah remember B was skipped because it probably didn't sound nice if they had said B for Banana(could make some people think otherwise) so let's skip K and try L, yeah this might work (e.g Lime or Lemon?) maybe and maybe not let's keep our hands crossed and watch.

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