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Late one night i was with my friends joking and doing all sorts then i found out 80% of them are using either iPhone with Blackberry or with an Android phone, then i sat down to ask where's Nokia ? and it echoed in my here "they've gone back to Finland" lol i went surprisingly some one brought a Nokia Lumia 800 i was astonish and i said this is a great leap for Nokia in collaboration with Microsoft its definitely going to change the way people use their smart-phones. Now despite the upgrade from Nokia lets look at the features in which this giants are using to grab the into buy their phones. If you're wondering what the New Nokia Lumia 800 is heres the picture of it below.

(1) Research In Motion also known for BlackBerry:This company change the way phones used to be, apparently no one i repeat no one ever thought of a simple yet easy Messenger ever, am talking about BlackBerry Messenger(BBM) yep remember back when we used to download Yahoo Messenger just to chat ior NIMBUZZ and EBUDDY yea those days are gone now(except for those still using those phones type of phones) and this app is one of the reason every body world wide wants to use BlackBerry and the other way people use in recognizing BBM is that simple four to seven letter word PING or PINGING and also the OS which is unique on its own, its current OS is OS 7 you wouldn't mind getting your hands on it. BlackBerry is widely used in the UK(i read 79% users) and they currently estimated a whooping 70million BlackBerry units world wide.

Next is Apple also known for iPhone: Steve Jobs is the brain behind this widely use touch screen phone, the man who started in a very tough point, read this article How It All Began With Steve Jobs you would understand where this Great man got his ideas from (RIP Steve Jobs) back to what i was writing before that emotionally mode came up iPhone is widely know for its wide Touch Screen with apps, games pictures and more you just cant comprehend. Apple did a great job one this mobile phone and its currently the first choice for Americans.Plus you can PING on it and the app used is called WhatsApp to download it goto iTUNES to download it and its FREE

Lastly Google also known for its Android OS: This is not a phone don't get me wrong its an Operating System short form of OS its a platform owned by Google and Google licensed it to any mobile manufacturer and just to name a few mobile manufacturers using this OS we have Samsung(the number user), Sony Ericson, LG, Motorola and lots more you can wiki it or Google to satisfy your self. This OS is also known for its stylish menus and for gamers this is definitely one of the best Platform you can play on and you won't regret second goes to iOS from Apple.

Thanks for Reading hope you enjoyed it this are just my concern am not biased though.

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