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RIM has tweeted it will launch devices on BlackBerry 7 today, but will it be the Torch 2? The Canadian manufacturer said on its Twitter account, 'You got it! New #BlackBerry devices are coming with new OS, BlackBerry 7!  Still following the true story

The company also put a message on its Facebook page, saying, 'Hey Team BlackBerry, what's shiny, new and social all over? We want to tell you all about it. Can you guess what it might be? Tune in tomorrow for details!'
The BlackBerry Torch 2 has been leaked already online, with a release date of Q3 penciled into the diary.
So far, we know it will be another touchscreen/keyboard hybrid, with a 1.2GHz CPU, 768MB RAM and HD video will be onboard.
The pictures starring alongside the previous leak show a device that looks pretty similar to the original Torch, although we're pretty happy with that form factor.
Blackberry 7 brings a range of new features and functions to the BlackBerry, including NFC - one thing we would love to see in the Torch 2.
Earlier this month, RIM announced it would be releasing seven new devices this year - presumably to fit in with BlackBerry 7's name?
The announcement comes just a day after the company said it would be cutting 2,000 jobs and its COO would be departing following medical leave in June.
Shares in RIM have plummeted in the last month, down 45 percent since the beginning of June and sales growth is down considerably too.
Considering the smartphone market's growth is predicted to grow 50 percent this year, RIM's 18 percent sales growth is a little disconcerting, especially when you consider iPhone sales more than doubled in the last three months.
Good or bad times for BlackBerry?

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