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Analyst says the most anticipated iPhone 5 which is to be released on september 7 precisely has been postpone until early 2012 which means No iPhone 5 this year for those iPhone freaks.
The iPhone 5 had been expected to land back in June. However, after it failed to show and the WWDC event proved to be a software-only affair, speculation has been rife as to just when we can expect it.
Apples vendors web wide has been publishing that it would be released Sept until now that with only a smattering indicating that it won’t be here until early 2012.It's disappointing  to know this after a long web spread of the New iPhone gist, rumours, and tweets we even have the details of the New phone on Apple launches iPhone 5 September 7 confirmed 
And there was worse to come from Bachman when he rubbished paper talk that the iPhone 5 will be joined by a cheaper new model iPhone. According to a note he sent to investors, Apple will instead cut the price of the ageing 3GS, making the handset its de facto entry level model.

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