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Apple iPad 2 and Blackberry playbook comparison

 The new iPad 2 was launched on March 2 and will start shipping in the U.S. on March 11th. Other countries such as the UK will have to wait a couple of weeks later to get their hands on the iPad 2.
In a couple of weeks time, Blackberry will also be launching it’s own tablet called the Blackberry Playbook. We try to make a comparison between the Apple iPad 2 and the yet to be released RIM Blackberry Playbook.
The new iPad 2 seems to satisfy two markets the tablet niche simultaneously. It appeals to those looking for a lighter tablet and those looking for a larger screen tablet. It balances the two perfectly and will be very hard to beat by it’s competitors.
Initial opinions of the Playbook has been positive as it offers a powerful specifications in a small size. But it’s got it’s work cut out to beat the new iPad 2.

iPad 2 VS BlackBerry PlayBoook Comparison

Operating System (OS):
The iPad 2 is loaded with the most recent edition of the iOS, which is the iOS 4.3. It makes Safari browser faster, improves AirPlay and introduces iTunes Home Sharing to the iPad.  The Playbook will be loaded with QNX operating system. The playbook was initially scheduled to run the BlackBerry OS. But RIM, the makers of the PlayBook acquired QNX software systems in 2010 and will run it’s OS on the PlayBook. It enables apss to run at the same time instead of putting them on hold. But we will give the iOS the node here because it is a proven OS whiles QNX is yet to be tested.
Winner: iPad 2
The iPad 2 spots an incredibly fast processor. It’s the dual core A5 processor which makes the iPad 2 twice faster than the iPad 1. But the BlackBerry PlayBook also has its own dual core 1GHz processor. The PlayBook’s processor, the TI OMAP was reviewed in the LG Optimus 3D and trumped the iPhone 4. So in this category, we’ll call it a tie.
Winner: Tie
Display screen, Size and Weight:
The new iPad 2 has a 9.7-inch High Definition Screen at a resolution of 1024×768. The BlackBerry PlayBook comes with a much smaller 7-inch HD display at a slightly less resolution of 1024×600. These are almost similar screens. But the main factor here is the size and weight.
The 9.7-inch iPad 2 weighs 1.3 pound and is only 0.34 inch thick. The PlayBook with it’s smaller 7-inch screen weighs 0.9 pounds and is 0.4 inch thick. The clear winner in this category is the iPad 2 because it offers a much larger screen and yet similar weight to the PlayBook and also thinner. The larger screen size of the iPad 2 will make for better appps.
Winner: iPad 2
The iPad 2 is configured to have either a 16 GB, 32 GB and 64GB built in memory. The PlayBook comes in 8 GB, 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB models. Whiles Apple is yet to reveal the RAM for the iPad 2, the PlayBook has a generous 1GB RAM. Rumors by Forbes claim the iPad 2 offers only 512MB or RAM. However, experts claim the iPad 2 is faster so it seems the rumored RAM size has very little effect. We will call this category a tie.
Winner: Tie
The 1st generation iPad had no camera, but the iPad 2 spots dual cameras. Apple has not revealed the specifications for the Camera but the rear and front cameras can both record in HD. The camera on the PlayBook is a 5-mega-pixel rear and a 3-mega-pixel front camera. The PlayBook offers a higher resolution 1080p video recording and this clearly makes it a winner in this category.
Winner: BlackBerry PlayBook
The battery on the iPad 2 can last up to 10 hours despite the reduced weight of the tablet. The BlackBerry PlayBook’s battery can last up to 6 hours. And considering the display size and power hungry features, this is clearly not good enough. Rumors are the the poor battery performance of the PlayBook is due to the fact that it runs Adobe Flash. The winner here is clearly Apple.
Winner: iPad 2
Pricing and Apps:
The last categories we are comparing are price and apps. The entry price for the iPad 2 is $499 and the highest priced model is at $829. Reports indicate the entry price for the PlayBook will be around the $500 mark so that keeps it in par with the Apple device.
When it comes to apps, there are over 200,000 apps available to the iPad 2 and not many to the PlayBook. There are reports it will be possible to convert current Adobe AIR and Flash applications into PlayBook apps.
There are also reports that RIM will be releasing a software that will enable the PlayBook to run Android apps. The winner in the apps category is the iPad with it’s established pool of app developers.
Winner: iPad 2.
BlackBerry is trying to cater for the business community, its primary market, by marketing the PlayBook as an enterprise capable tablet. It will be able to sync with an existing BlackBerry smartphone.

Direct Comparison between Apple iPad 2 and BlackBerry PlayBook

Apple iPad 2 vs BlackBerry PlayBook Comparison 

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