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Apple's share of the mobile phone industry's profits has swelled to around two thirds, as the company's iPhone sales have remained profitable while achieving the top spot in sales. 

Even before displacing Nokia as the world's top smartphone maker in the most recent quarter, Apple has long consumed a disproportionate slice of the industry's profits.

Apple first grabbed the largest slice of phone profits in mid 2008, just a year after the iPhone went on sale. That slice climbed to 50 percent of the industry's profits by last year.

This quarter however, an overall decline in profits among top mobile makers kicked Apple's share of total profits up past 66 percent, with Samsung pulling in the next largest slice of profits with just 15 percent, RIM collecting an 11 percent share, and HTC bringing in 7.4 percent.

Nokia, Motorola, Sony Ericsson and LG all managed to lose money selling phones in the quarter, aspresented graphically in a chart by Horace Dediu of Asymco (below; other charts on the Asymco site).

The role reversal of Apple and Nokia since the appearance of the iPhone in 2007 is particularly striking. Just after the iPhone debuted, Nokia had a 55 percent share of mobile profits while Apple claimed just a 5 percent sliver.

This year, Apple's slice of the pie is even larger than Nokia's was four years ago, and Nokia can't claim any percentage of the industry's profits.

The world's most highly valued tech company now
has more cash on hand than the U.S. Treasury.


U.S. Treasury has an operating cash balance of
$73.8 billion -- less than Apple's cash reserves
Apple just became the world's largest smartphone
vendor by volume

(CNN) -- Maybe the cash-strapped U.S. government
should start selling iPads.
According to the latest statement from the U.S.
Treasury, the government had an operating cash
balance Wednesday of $73.8 billion. That's still a lot
of money, but it's less than what Steve Jobs has
lying around.
Tech juggernaut Apple had a whopping $76.2 billion in
cash and marketable securities at the end of June,
according to its
last earnings report
Unlike the U.S. government, which is scrambling to
avoid defaulting on its debt, Apple takes in more
money than it spends.
This symbolic feat -- the world's most highly valued
tech company surpassing the fiscal strength of the
world's most powerful nation -- is just the latest
pinnacle for Apple, which has been on an
unprecedented roll.

U.S. debt: How did we get here?

Its Macs, iPhones and iPads remain hot sellers, its
stock has surged past $400 a share and
Apple just became the world's largest smartphone
vendorby volume.
There's been a lot of speculation about what Apple
might buy with its piles of cash -- Facebook and
Sony being two of the more high-profile examples --
but the company doesn't seem to be in any hurry
to make a move.

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Apple could be clearing the way for an entry-level, cut-price version of the iPad, as it bids to see off competitors in the tablet market.
According to a report from DigiTimes, the Cupertino-based tech behemoth has inked deals with new, Taiwanese component manufacturers for lower grade parts than those used in the current-gen iPad 2.
A source cited by the Chinese tech news site claims that the move is part of a pre-emptive strategy rethink, with Apple “adjusting the cost structure” for iPads to entice customers away from the “array of tablet PCs to be launched by rivals in the second half of 2011”.
ipad 2 promo
The report comes amid speculation that Apple is also preparing to launch a more expensive, higher-end tablet aimed at so-called power users.
Informally dubbed the iPad Plus, the device is purported to feature a higher-resolution screen than its predecessor with pixel density of between 250 and 300 pixels per inch.
How far Apple needs to appeal to the lower end of the market to see off Android tablets is a moot point, however. Yesterday, John Gruber of influential Apple blog Daring Fireball calculated that the iPad has outsold Android tablets by a margin of 24 to one, suggesting that its number one position will be secure for some time yet.
Daring Fireball

RIM has tweeted it will launch devices on BlackBerry 7 today, but will it be the Torch 2? The Canadian manufacturer said on its Twitter account, 'You got it! New #BlackBerry devices are coming with new OS, BlackBerry 7!  Still following the true story

The company also put a message on its Facebook page, saying, 'Hey Team BlackBerry, what's shiny, new and social all over? We want to tell you all about it. Can you guess what it might be? Tune in tomorrow for details!'
The BlackBerry Torch 2 has been leaked already online, with a release date of Q3 penciled into the diary.
So far, we know it will be another touchscreen/keyboard hybrid, with a 1.2GHz CPU, 768MB RAM and HD video will be onboard.
The pictures starring alongside the previous leak show a device that looks pretty similar to the original Torch, although we're pretty happy with that form factor.
Blackberry 7 brings a range of new features and functions to the BlackBerry, including NFC - one thing we would love to see in the Torch 2.
Earlier this month, RIM announced it would be releasing seven new devices this year - presumably to fit in with BlackBerry 7's name?
The announcement comes just a day after the company said it would be cutting 2,000 jobs and its COO would be departing following medical leave in June.
Shares in RIM have plummeted in the last month, down 45 percent since the beginning of June and sales growth is down considerably too.
Considering the smartphone market's growth is predicted to grow 50 percent this year, RIM's 18 percent sales growth is a little disconcerting, especially when you consider iPhone sales more than doubled in the last three months.
Good or bad times for BlackBerry?

Via : knowyourmobile.com

Apple iPad 2 and Blackberry playbook comparison

 The new iPad 2 was launched on March 2 and will start shipping in the U.S. on March 11th. Other countries such as the UK will have to wait a couple of weeks later to get their hands on the iPad 2.
In a couple of weeks time, Blackberry will also be launching it’s own tablet called the Blackberry Playbook. We try to make a comparison between the Apple iPad 2 and the yet to be released RIM Blackberry Playbook.
The new iPad 2 seems to satisfy two markets the tablet niche simultaneously. It appeals to those looking for a lighter tablet and those looking for a larger screen tablet. It balances the two perfectly and will be very hard to beat by it’s competitors.
Initial opinions of the Playbook has been positive as it offers a powerful specifications in a small size. But it’s got it’s work cut out to beat the new iPad 2.

iPad 2 VS BlackBerry PlayBoook Comparison

Operating System (OS):
The iPad 2 is loaded with the most recent edition of the iOS, which is the iOS 4.3. It makes Safari browser faster, improves AirPlay and introduces iTunes Home Sharing to the iPad.  The Playbook will be loaded with QNX operating system. The playbook was initially scheduled to run the BlackBerry OS. But RIM, the makers of the PlayBook acquired QNX software systems in 2010 and will run it’s OS on the PlayBook. It enables apss to run at the same time instead of putting them on hold. But we will give the iOS the node here because it is a proven OS whiles QNX is yet to be tested.
Winner: iPad 2
The iPad 2 spots an incredibly fast processor. It’s the dual core A5 processor which makes the iPad 2 twice faster than the iPad 1. But the BlackBerry PlayBook also has its own dual core 1GHz processor. The PlayBook’s processor, the TI OMAP was reviewed in the LG Optimus 3D and trumped the iPhone 4. So in this category, we’ll call it a tie.
Winner: Tie
Display screen, Size and Weight:
The new iPad 2 has a 9.7-inch High Definition Screen at a resolution of 1024×768. The BlackBerry PlayBook comes with a much smaller 7-inch HD display at a slightly less resolution of 1024×600. These are almost similar screens. But the main factor here is the size and weight.
The 9.7-inch iPad 2 weighs 1.3 pound and is only 0.34 inch thick. The PlayBook with it’s smaller 7-inch screen weighs 0.9 pounds and is 0.4 inch thick. The clear winner in this category is the iPad 2 because it offers a much larger screen and yet similar weight to the PlayBook and also thinner. The larger screen size of the iPad 2 will make for better appps.
Winner: iPad 2
The iPad 2 is configured to have either a 16 GB, 32 GB and 64GB built in memory. The PlayBook comes in 8 GB, 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB models. Whiles Apple is yet to reveal the RAM for the iPad 2, the PlayBook has a generous 1GB RAM. Rumors by Forbes claim the iPad 2 offers only 512MB or RAM. However, experts claim the iPad 2 is faster so it seems the rumored RAM size has very little effect. We will call this category a tie.
Winner: Tie
The 1st generation iPad had no camera, but the iPad 2 spots dual cameras. Apple has not revealed the specifications for the Camera but the rear and front cameras can both record in HD. The camera on the PlayBook is a 5-mega-pixel rear and a 3-mega-pixel front camera. The PlayBook offers a higher resolution 1080p video recording and this clearly makes it a winner in this category.
Winner: BlackBerry PlayBook
The battery on the iPad 2 can last up to 10 hours despite the reduced weight of the tablet. The BlackBerry PlayBook’s battery can last up to 6 hours. And considering the display size and power hungry features, this is clearly not good enough. Rumors are the the poor battery performance of the PlayBook is due to the fact that it runs Adobe Flash. The winner here is clearly Apple.
Winner: iPad 2
Pricing and Apps:
The last categories we are comparing are price and apps. The entry price for the iPad 2 is $499 and the highest priced model is at $829. Reports indicate the entry price for the PlayBook will be around the $500 mark so that keeps it in par with the Apple device.
When it comes to apps, there are over 200,000 apps available to the iPad 2 and not many to the PlayBook. There are reports it will be possible to convert current Adobe AIR and Flash applications into PlayBook apps.
There are also reports that RIM will be releasing a software that will enable the PlayBook to run Android apps. The winner in the apps category is the iPad with it’s established pool of app developers.
Winner: iPad 2.
BlackBerry is trying to cater for the business community, its primary market, by marketing the PlayBook as an enterprise capable tablet. It will be able to sync with an existing BlackBerry smartphone.

Direct Comparison between Apple iPad 2 and BlackBerry PlayBook

Apple iPad 2 vs BlackBerry PlayBook Comparison 

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- who has written 33 news articles for Fresh Breaking News.

As sources get ever more shadowy and mooted specs more spurious, iRumours find new ways to stretch our credulity every day. Here’s our veracity-free countdown of the least-likely ever.
1 BBM is coming to iPhone
blackberry messenger
Amid profit warnings, slowing handset sales and swingeing job cuts, the business pages haven’t made pretty reading for Research In Motion (RIM) in recent months. But we’re sure things never got so bad that this story about how BBM was about to cross the OS divide didn’t raise at least a smile down at RIM HQ.
According to reports surfacing in late-March, RIM was planning to offer iKit owners a stripped-down version of the messaging tool for a monthly fee. And so advanced were their BBM plans, we were told, that an update was even on the way later this year.
As it was, the due date of April 26th came and went – not with a bang, but with a whimper. And to the surprise of not too many, BBM remained tethered exclusively to BlackBerry phones.
We certainly weren’t among them. After all, the one thing the phone maker has been able to rely on through its travails is its popularity with BBM-obsessed tweens. So much so, that it often feels like it’s this demographic and the quality of its IM app that’s keeping them in the game.
Why then at this crucial time then would it ever consider giving folk one less reason to buy a BlackBerry phone? Why indeed?
2 iPhone 5 to pack QWERTY keyboard
iphone qwerty
Back in 2006, research conducted by Nokia indicated that there was no market for touchscreen phones. With this at the forefront of its mind, Espoo doggedly retained physical QWERTY keyboards for its high-end Nseries kits. It was, to paraphrase Henry Ford, Nokia’s “faster horse” moment.
In the years that followed Nokia’s NSeries phones ended up looking clunkier and more outmoded with each passing release. The result was its share at the top of the smartphone tree atrophied. Meanwhile the design-led, touchscreen-toting iPhone cleaned up and turned into the titan we know today.
All of which makes suggestions that the next-gen iPhone would pack a physical QWERTY keyboard. Never mind that such a move would be counter-intuitive and retrogressive in the extreme. There’s the also the fact that there’s no way on God’s earth that design doyenne Jonathan Ive would ever allow his beautiful device to be sullied with anything so fugly as a vast, slide-out keyboard.
3 Fireproof iPhone
Patent filings suggested Apple really has investigated this. But we’re none the wiser why. We can understand why you might want a waterproof smartphone if you're the outdoors-y type. Or a dust-proof one. Or a shockproof one. But unless you’re an action hero or make a habit of rescuing kids from fires in orphanages, why would you need a fireproof handset?
4 iPhone Nano
iphone nano 2
The iPhone Nano is the unofficial name given to the cut-price, slimmed down smartphone Apple is said to have been prepping for years now, but which is apparently landing in August.
Except it won’t, of course. For one thing, Apple doesn’t need to compete with Android at the lower end of the market right now. It’s the biggest tech company by market cap as it is. And besides, abandoning its ethos of premium products at premium prices for a cheapie kit would actually damage its reputation in the long term.
5 And it’ll be priced around £125 and sell contract free
Mooted price points for the iPhone Nano are in the region of £250 to £125. The former isn't viable, we'd say. But the latter is positively bonkers. £125 barely gets you a network branded Android phone these days. At that price, even if Apple recycled parts it’d had lying around since 2007, it’d be making a loss on every unit sold, surely?
6 Nintendo games coming to iPhone
iphone mario
We’d love to see Nintendo games on Apple smartphones. Not only do we think it would make good commercial sense, but with its nous in mobile gaming, it could take mobile phone gaming to a whole other level. But even before the company earlier this month issued a denial of stories linking it to the iOS platform, the odds of it happening were non-existent.
Nintendo, which has been famously protectionist and insular in the past, would simply never allow it. That’s because, like Apple, Nintendo wants complete control over the user experiences it offers customers. And while the 3DS isn’t selling in the same quantities as the DS, Ninty would have to be in deep trouble before it even contemplated bringing its characters to another platform.
7 Thinner and lighter than the previous one
This does the rounds every year – most recently and prominently from a French Orange exec. But, even though it’s dutifully reported by sites across the web, his hedging-his-bets forecast isn’t exactly earth-shattering news is it?
Of course, smartphones almost always get smaller and slimmer with each iteration. That’s just the way of things. Think of it like the mobile equivalent of Moore’s Law.
8 3D support for iPhone 5
3D Mobile Phones
LG’s Optimus 3D, the first-ever glasses-free 3D smartphone has just landed in the UK. The second (the HTC Evo 3D) is dropping next month. And whatever the third turns out to be, it won’t be the iPhone 5.
3D is a nascent mobile technology. And Apple simply doesn’t get involved with those, until it thinks it can perfect and refine what’s already there. What’s more, devs have torn the back out of iOS 5 in the last few months and there’s scant indication so far that the OS can even support 3D.
10 Expandable memory
MicroSD card support was strongly rumoured for iPhone 4. And if you spent your days on tech sites reading comments from users desperate to expand their phone’s storage space, you’d think it might be a shoo-in at some stage.
It won’t happen, though. As it stands, Apple is able to charge top dollar for device variants with masses of storage and make a handsome margin on top of its retail price as a result. It would also disincentivise buying new iterations of its products when Apple inevitably doubles the storage they offer.

Via : Top10.com

May was a month packed with variety for the Android Market. At the risk of sounding cliched, there really was something for just about anyone. We picked the ten we liked the most and hope you do too.
1. App Lock
App Lock Android app
App Lock does exactly what it says on the tin. It allows you to lock access to just about any application on your Android kit with a unique passcode.
Why, you might ask? Well, for many reasons really. But mainly it's for those of you who let others use your phone from time to time, but don’t want those third-parties to ‘accidentally’ stumble upon your messages, emails, photos, videos or contacts – pretty much anything that could compromise your privacy.
It’s a simple app with a simple function. What’s not to like?
Android Market Preview
2. Contract Killer
Contract Killer Android app
Set in Central City, a metropolis where bounty hunters, criminals and mobsters rule the streets, Contract Killer is a first-person shooter that puts players in the shoes of a mercenary-come-stone-cold assassin.
As a gun for hire, your role is to take contracts from powerful clients to execute kill high-value targets with brutal efficiency. To achieve that aim, you can choose from 20 unique weapons, including handguns, sniper rifles, assault rifles and machineguns. Then you can pick the best vantage point to carry out the mission. Once your target is in sight, it's a simple matter of zooming in, taking aim and finishing the job.
There are 17 story missions to play through, with unlimited randomly generated missions that let you earn extra cash and experience points. Perhaps the best thing about Contract Killer, though, is that it’s free to download, so your life is not at stake here.
Android Market Preview
3. Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus
Modern Combat 2 Android app
Inspired by the critically and commercially acclaimed Modern Warfare franchise on consoles, the sequel to the hugely successful original Modern Combat from Gameloft is one of the best shooters we’ve played on a smartphone.
From spectacular graphics to an adrenaline pumping story campaign, accompanied by moody cinematic cutscenes and a rousing soundtrack - Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus is a AAA production by any measure.
The gameplay in story mode is hugely enjoyable, made all the more immersive by the intuitive controls. Equally impressive is the highly addictive multiplayer, which supports skirmishes for up to 10 players over Wi-Fi in four competitive modes: Battle (death match), Team Battle (team death match), Defuse the Bomb and Capture the Flag.
Simply put, if you’re an FPS nut and have an Android, you just have to pick this baby up.
Android Market Preview
4. Theme BlackGlass Go Launcher
Theme Black Glass Go Launcher Android app
Bespoke skins on Android can be bit of a love it or hate it kind of affair – the latter more often than not if you’re a Motorola user.
Fret not. Theme BlackGlass Go Launcher is at hand.
It’s a free-to-download user designed theme to give your Android kit a much-needed facelift.
The icons – 60 of them – have been redesigned with a cool glass-like effect that give the UI an all round sleeker, darker and more sophisticated appearance.
A new folder interface makes it less of a hassle to keep your countless apps organised, while a revamped app drawer is on board that’s as responsive to touch gestures as it is pleasing to look at.
(Requires Go Launcher Ex application to install, as featured in our January round-up)
Android Market
5. Woo
Woo Android app
Woo has a very simple purpose: to annoy, tease or impress people around you with a hilarious ‘woo’ sound made by the device as you tilt it in various directions.
Yep. That’s it. There's absolutely no practical functionality here to make life more convenient. Just a little more fun.
Android Market Preview
6. Backgrounds
Backgrounds Android app
Tired of recycling through the stock wallpapers supplied with your phone? Backgrounds allows you to remedy that.
As the name probably suggests, it’s an application for downloading background wallpapers for your Android, and there’s hundreds to choose from across multiple categories with more being added every few days.
Images are automatically resized according to your phone’s resolution, so no worries of manually tweaking them no matter how much or how little real estate your screen packs.
Android Market Preview
7. FireBall
FireBall Android app
FireBall is the latest addition in a growing slice ‘em up genre on mobile phones.
The difference is that while the likes of Fruit Ninja and Slice It required you to dice fruits or shapes into a pre-determined number of pieces, in FireBall you have to slash shapes until they are small enough to progress to the next level.
Said shapes are usually something you can recognise, like a star or a seahorse and contain balls of fire (hence the name), which will burn you if you’re not careful (not really).
Your goal is to cut the shapes in such a way that you do not separate the balls into more than one fragment. Once you’ve chopped off a certain target percentage in a level, you can move onto the next one.
Sounds easy, right? Well, it's not really. Certainly not when you consider the balls are constantly moving about, requiring precision and timing to avoid failure. And don’t worry, there are perks too in latter levels that allow you to pass levels quicker and disturb the balls’ movement.
It’s a straightforward game but hugely enjoyable when played in short bursts. Download and enjoy.
Android Market Preview
8. Chuzzle
Chuzzle Android app
Chuzzle for Android is a re-release of a hugely addictive puzzler from PopCap Games, makers of gem-swapping cult hit Bejeweled.
Here, you’re presented with a 6x6 board containing these fuzzy-looking creatures called ‘Chuzzles’ and your goal is to align at least three of them by their colour in a column or row to make them pop, causing their eyes to fly to a flask on the left of the screen.
The bigger the chain of Chuzzles you pop, the more points you earn and the faster you fill the flask. Once full, the level will end with any bonuses awarded added towards your points.
As you can probably imagine, it’s not a particularly complex title. But what it is is purely squeezed fun for players of any age or skill level.
(Currently exclusive to Amazon Appstore but will launch on Android Market shortly)
9. adidas miCoach
Adidas miCoach Android app
addidas miCoach is a fitness training app that transforms your Android into a personal trainer that takes you through a wide range of easy to understand and manageable daily workout plans with feedback provided after each session.
Choose a training plan designed specifically for your preferred sport to enhance your speed, stamina and endurance. See how you’re progressing on miCoach.com, which saves detailed analysis of your workouts, including distance and pace of your travel, calories burned and time elapsed.
It has workout modes specifically suited for indoor and outdoor sessions, with GPS support for the latter. There’s also highly customisable alerts and easy access to your music - essential to any workout programme.
Whether you’re a trying to get fit or stay fit, this is an excellent companion that no health-conscious Fandroid should train without.
Android Market Preview
10. BitDefender Mobile Security for Android
BitDefender Android app
With the Android malware scare dominating column inches left and right, it’s only fair we suggest something to actually alleviate the risks of downloading content from a host of sources to your precious smartie.
Enter BitDefender: an antivirus solution for Android powered kit that ensures your device stays safe around the clock without adversely impacting the battery life or performance.
The on-demand malware scanner, which uses Cloud technology and means nothing is downloaded or quarantined on the handset itself, is always handy to check your entire file system for contaminated content. Meanwhile, the on-install scanner makes sure apps you’re grabbing contain no nasty surprises.
Then there’s a cool ‘Security Audit’ feature that allows you to review exactly which apps and how many have access to your private data, connection to the internet, your location data, or have permission to send text messages without you even realising.
It’s free to use and a must-have tool for every Android user out there.
Android Market Preview

via : Top10.com

samsung galaxy s2

Samsung could be prepping a glasses-free 3D capable addition to the Galaxy range, rumours suggest, joining HTC and LG in adopting nascent 3D smartphone tech.
According to insider sources cited in a report from ET News of Korea, which was picked up on by Sammy Hub, the device is likely to sport a spec set broadly in line with the huge-selling Galaxy S2. Think: 4.3-inch LCD display, Android 2.3 Gingerbread out of the box and a dual core 1.2 GHz processor.
But the twist this time around is that it’ll also pack dual, rear-mounted eight megapixel cameras and, we’re assuming, the same stereoscopic technology as the LG Optimus 3D and the HTC Evo 3D for 3D videos and snaps.
What’s not yet clear is whether it’ll feature the same 2D-to-3D content conversion capabilities that are coming to the LG’s effort soon. But we’d be staggered if that isn’t the case, given the competitive advantage Samsung would otherwise be ceding to its rival.
The handset is reportedly due for release during Q4 – a period that’s rapidly shaping up to be the scene of a smartphone battle royale, with rumours suggesting it’ll also see the debut of the iPhone 5, a slew of new Windows Phone mobiles and the third Google Nexus-branded Android phone.
Sammy Hub

Source:  Uswitch.com


Discover a world of possibilities. Those are the words that have greeted you just before you start browsing through BlackBerry App World on your desktop. Though not as vast as the Android Market or the Apple App Store, BlackBerry App World is home to tens of thousands of applications. Looking for IM or Social Networking app? You can browse through hundreds of them. Are References and eBooks more your flavour? Over 10 thousand of them are there to look through. Within its doors are some amazing applications from amazing developers with even more amazing success stories. Bellshare GmbH, the developers of apps like BeWeather and SmartAlerts have seen over $1 million in sales. Jingu, an app used to upload emoticons, chat and create avatars, is nearing 1 million downloads in less than a month. As the Inside BlackBerry official blog states:
“BlackBerry App World is now in over 100 countries, seeing an average of 3 million downloads per day, and we recently crossed the 1 billion app download milestone!”
These numbers are a result of both smartphone and PlayBook application downloads. As recently reported, RIM has also started a Developer Stories series on their YouTube Channel, where developers are showcased and explain why they choose to develop BlackBerry apps. Perhaps this will attract more developers, more apps and, in turn, more download milestones.
            Inside BlackBerry

As every tech freak has heard and read over the past period, Apple is rumored to be launching new versions of both iPad and iPhone some time in autumn. Rumors have been running back and forth, some substantiated, some not. Either way, no word has come yet from Apple, so no official confirmation. The latest in the rumor line regarding the launch of the new iPad is something to be taken seriously. Apparently, instead of launching a whole new product, the iPad 3, Apple will be launching something called iPad HD.

The name itself says it all, but let’s detail the rumor a little bit. The current iPad 2 sports a fashionable 1024x768 pixel resolution display. Also, its processor is perfectly capable of running HD clips, but the low resolution is somewhat of a drawback. Therefore, according to unofficial information, Apple is looking to upgrade the display for the new model to a whopping 2048x1536 pixels. Apart from increases resolution, the new iPad’s display will also have a pixel density of 260ppi (pixels per inch), which is huge considering the tablet’s 9.7 inch screen.

These are great rumors. And here comes LG, manufacturer of the iPhone 4’s 3.5 inch retina display saying that they have been commissioned to also produce high resolution 9.7 inch displays. When considering this information, one must also take into account that doubling the resolution of an existing display is nothing new to Apple. This was decision they took when upgrading the iPhone 3GS (480x320 pixels) to the iPhone 4 (960x640 pixels). If we add all this up, the new iPad is already looking fabulous. However, we should not forget that these are still only unofficial rumors. Not until Steve Jobs goes up on that stage will we know what Apple is coming out with.
We’ll just have to wait and see.

By Radu Tyrsina
Source: itpro.in

Ripped from : ipadforums.net

Aspiring iPad and iPhone DJs out there might like to check out the very cool looking iDJ Live iPad and iPhone dock, as featured on TUAW. The dock actually comes complete with two fully functioning turntables and a control panel, and is made by DJ equipment supplier Numark. iDJ has been designed to work in conjunction with algoriddim’s djay app, but it also works with other Core MIDI-enabled apps, and according to Numark, it is accessible to all levels of DJ skills, be you a professional DJ or a complete novice. Basically, it’s a very fancy way of enabling you to DJ parties and events using your iPod app music, mixing the music on a “hyper-realistic” turntable interface, featuring two large performance platters and a central mixer area, complete with crossfader, buttons and knobs, just like the two-decks and mixer set up used by professional DJs. You can also use the djay app’s Automix mode to automatically mix your favourite playlist.

Download link will be released soonest either FREE or PURCHASE still pending.

Source: iPadforums

Dell Streak 5 Mobile

The Pocket-Sized, Go Anywhere Android Tablet

Watch, listen, play and connect with a 5" high-quality touch screen that fits perfectly in your hands.
5 Inch Android Tablet Phone

Unlocked Tablet Phone With Android 2.2 (Froyo) OS

Now you can enjoy a faster, richer experience with the Android™ 2.2 (Froyo) OS. Dell Streak 5 Android 2.2 Tablet includes the Stage User Interface (UI) and a collection of widgets that bring your content such as music, photos and email to your home screen. It even includes Adobe® Flash 10.1 support1 for the full mobile Web experience and the capability to use your Dell Streak 5 tablet phone as a portable WiFi hotspot that can be shared with up to eight other devices2.
Streak 5 Mini Tablet

Turn a New Page

Read to your heart’s content with a beautiful, easy-to-use interface that enables you to browse over 700,000 books in the Kindle Store, including new titles and best sellers. Switch between your books, videos, music and games seamlessly with the powerful yet efficient 1 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon™ processor that speeds up things along using Google’s Android OS with multitouch Dell user experience.

Tablet meet phone
No need to carry a phone when you have the Dell Streak as this tablet is also a full-functioning tablet phone. 
You can also synch your contacts with Facebook and import their profile images so that at a glance you can see who’s calling.
Streak 5 Mini Tablet

The Road Awaits

Where are you headed today? Find the quickest route with real-time maps from integrated Global Positioning System (GPS) and eCompass functionality. Text-to-voice and turn-by-turn directions let you keep your eyes on the road, while Google™ Maps’ live traffic functionality helps you avoid those dreaded red zones (requires 3G connection). The best part is the mini Streak 5 tablet phone multitasks, so you can play your favorite driving tunes and receive calls at the same time.

Now That’s Mobile Entertainment

Take good times with you, wherever you go. A brilliant 5" screen lets you watch movies, stream videos from YouTube, surf the Web and stay connected3, with less squinting and pinching. Snap pictures on the fly or grab video with a rear-facing 5 MP4 camera or the front-facing VGA camera. Even post your own movies directly from your Streak 5.

With pocket sized 6-inch wide x 3.1-inch high x .4-inch thin dimensions, there’s plenty of space to take full advantage of the multitouch display, plus the high-quality, scratch-resistant Corning® Gorilla® Glass means your view stays crystal clear. Ultra-intelligent facial proximity and ambient light sensors automatically adjust screen brightness to help optimize battery life. 
Dell Mini Android Tablet Phone
Watch, Play, Listen and Connect
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The ongoing saga between Apple and Samsung ratcheted up on Friday when the iPhone maker asked the U.S District Court in San Jose, Calif. to issue a preliminary injunction, potentially bringing a swift resolution to the legal dispute.

The filing, discovered by Florian Mueller of FOSS Patents, specifically accuses Samsung of violating three Apple design patents and one utility patent. Mueller described the motion as a risky "hole-in-one" attempt from Apple that could accelerate the case.

If granted, the injunction would require Samsung to remove the following four products from the U.S. market within the next few months:

  • Infuse 4G
  • Galaxy S 4G
  • Droid Charge
  • Galaxy Tab 10.1
"The message that Samsung conveys to consumerswith its imitative smartphone design is simple: “It’s just like an iPhone.” Samsung’s Galaxy 10.1 tablet sends a similar message: “It’s just like an iPad.” With the benefit of those messages, Samsung is seeking to take market share by trading off of the popularity of Apple’s products," Apple wrote in the request.

The Cupertino, Calif.-based company added that it was “limiting” the injunction to new Samsung products recently released in the U.S. and had left out the as-yet-to-be-released ‘Galaxy S 2 Phone’ and the ‘Galaxy Tab 8.9 tablet’. However, Apple said that it “reserves the right to seek preliminary injunction against those two products as their release becomes imminent.”

Apple maintained that it's other claims are "equally strong," but could potentially raise additional issues that would hold up the motion. "It's hard to imagine a more compelling case for issuing a preliminary injunction," the filing read. 

Alongside the motion, Apple has filed a concurrent motion for an expedited trial on all of its claims. The company has asked for a court hearing for the preliminary injunction on August 5 and an expedited jury trial for the whole case in February 2012.

It appears that Samsung won’t back down from Apple’s latest filing. "We're going to actively protect and defend our intellectual property and our ability to provide consumers with innovative technology," company spokesman Kim Titus said.

The Korean electronics giant fired back at Apple this week with a request for an import ban of Apple's devices, including the iPhone and iPad. The company also asserted in a filing on Friday that it is competing with, not copying, Apple, accusing the iPhone maker of attempting to "avoid such competition."

Apple began its legal battle with Samsung in April when it sued the company, accusing the company of copying the iPhone and the iPad.Samsung quickly retaliated by launching its own lawsuit both in the U.S. and abroad, arguing that Apple had violated several of its patents, including “technology for tethering a mobile phone to a PC to enable the PC to utilize the phone's wireless data connection.”

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Since then the two companies have asked to see their competitors unreleased products. Apple asked for and was allowed access to the already announced Galaxy Tab 10.1 and 8.9, Galaxy S II, Droid Charge, and Infuse 4G. Samsung attempted the same maneuver, but was denied access to Apple's unannounced fifth-generation iPhone and third-generation iPad.

Recent reports suggest that the companies' legal battle could significantly affect their business relationship. While Apple is expected to be the Korean company's largest customer this year with orders for $7.8 billion worth of components, rumors claim that Apple is looking to cut "some, if not all, Samsung-made components" from its supply chain. In particular, Apple is rumored to be moving production of the next-generation A6 chip away from Samsung to Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company in 2012.

source: Appleinsider
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