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"Apple" in quote is one of the world leader in Mobile Technology i.e mobile gadgets like iPods,iTouch,iPhone, even iPad yea they are good at making sophisticated gadgets you know. Now they are officially introducing iPhone 5 late this year talking about in less than 4 months and this new package will support 1080p HD just like the iPad now you can watch HD movies online or on your device memory. More still coming with this new gadgets the White version will be available on the launch date.
Speculation that the iPhone 5 will drop in September got a fresh veneer of credence today, after a rep from Chinese mobile network apparently confirmed the handset's due date on a social networking site.
The message from a China Mobile employee allegedly surfaced on Chinese microblogging service Weibo.com. It's since vanished sans trace. But before it disappeared into the inter-ether, it was picked up on by a business analyst from Ticonderoga Securities and found its way to BGR.

News of Apple's plans comes after the recent WWDC showcase event was a somewhat disappointing software-only affair, with no sign of the new iHandset that usually lands every June.
Apple’s reasoning for shifting its product refresh cycles isn’t yet clear. But factors deemed to have weighed heavily on the decision include a desire to avoid iPhone 4 antennagate debacle by carrying out more extensive testing this time around.
Component supply shortages in the wake of the Japanese tsunami disaster are also thought to have been a factor, along with Steve Jobs’s ongoing health problems.

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