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Apple is reported to be releasing two new iPhone handsets in September. The handsets will be known as the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 4S respectivey.

The iPhone 4S, says the report, will be a ‘mid-range’ device of the $300 to $500 variety.

The claims come via Deutsche Bank's Chris Whitmore, according to Forbes, who issued a note on Monday telling clients to expect both an iPhone 5 and an iPhone 4S handset in September.

While the PlayStation 3 is just now hitting its stride, and has its best days still ahead of it, Sony is not one to rest on its laurels, and with the intense competition in the video game world at present, plans for the PlayStation 4's future release are already being put into motion. In fact not only is the PlayStation 4 getting this treatment, but even the PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 6 are in the early stages of planning and conceptualization at Sony's R&D labs.
Although we've yet to see what the PS3 can fully do when really put through its paces (in fact Sony states that games currently on the market are not even close to pushing the system to its full potential), the thought of an even more powerful console looming on the horizon has gamers worried about the holes it will leave burning in their pockets, but giddy at the possibilities of what this new behemoth of a console will be able to pull off. Just imagine the hardware on this thing, it will be insane!
The Question Everyone Wants the Answer To...

The brilliant BlackBerry Torch is first-ever phone to run the latest, greatest version of the BlackBerry operating system, OS6. Need more? It's also got a great touchscreen user interface and a slider phone form factor, which means it's compact too. Need a phone that's tailor-made for social networking on the go? The BlackBerry Torch could be just what you're after. WIth seamless integration of live updates from all key social networking sites, you'll be able to stay in the loop with your friends and family more efficiently than ever. Plus, you can update your own profiles directly from your handset.

samsung galaxy tab 10.1The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 will go on sale at UK retailers in six weeks time, the gadget maker has confirmed.
Sammy’s Honeycomb 3.1 powered tablet’s release date has been officially announced as August 4th, when it’ll be available SIM free and on carriers’ contract deals.
In something of a boon for custom skins sceptics, the Tab 10.1 will run the vanilla version of Google’s 3.1 tablet OS out of the box. Touchwiz will, however, be available at a later date – if you like that sort of thing.

Other standout features of the Tab, which is slimmer and lighter than the iPad 2, include its titular 10.1-inch 1280x800 WXGA display, plus a three megapixel rear mounted camera and a secondary two megapixel snapper for video calls.
It’s also home to powerful dual speakers and offers the option to add extra input devices, such as games controllers, mice and trackpads.
Buyers will be able to choose from Wi-Fi and 3G-enabled versions, as well as 16GB,32GB and 64G storage options.

Images of what appears to be a prototype Nokia smartphone Android have surfaced online, giving tech fans a glimpse of what might’ve been had Espoo chosen to partner with Google instead of Microsoft.
Sourced by Chinese site weibo.com and picked up by Engadget, the snaps reveal a handset that takes its design cues from the just unveiled Nokia N9. But instead of Nokia’s Meego platform, it looks to be running the Gingerbread version of Android.
nokia android 1
The typically blurry nature of the pics, coupled with the ease with which they could have been mocked up by an enterprising faker, means, however, it’s hard to know for sure what we’re looking at.
Even so, the provenance of the images suggests they could be the real deal. Principally because they come to us courtesy of the same source who dug out an all-too-real snap of the Nokia Sea Ray Windows Phone 7

"Apple" in quote is one of the world leader in Mobile Technology i.e mobile gadgets like iPods,iTouch,iPhone, even iPad yea they are good at making sophisticated gadgets you know. Now they are officially introducing iPhone 5 late this year talking about in less than 4 months and this new package will support 1080p HD just like the iPad now you can watch HD movies online or on your device memory. More still coming with this new gadgets the White version will be available on the launch date.
Speculation that the iPhone 5 will drop in September got a fresh veneer of credence today, after a rep from Chinese mobile network apparently confirmed the handset's due date on a social networking site.
The message from a China Mobile employee allegedly surfaced on Chinese microblogging service Weibo.com. It's since vanished sans trace. But before it disappeared into the inter-ether, it was picked up on by a business analyst from Ticonderoga Securities and found its way to BGR.

News of Apple's plans comes after the recent WWDC showcase event was a somewhat disappointing software-only affair, with no sign of the new iHandset that usually lands every June.
Apple’s reasoning for shifting its product refresh cycles isn’t yet clear. But factors deemed to have weighed heavily on the decision include a desire to avoid iPhone 4 antennagate debacle by carrying out more extensive testing this time around.
Component supply shortages in the wake of the Japanese tsunami disaster are also thought to have been a factor, along with Steve Jobs’s ongoing health problems.

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DISCLAIMER: Install at your own risk. This is Leaked/Beta software that is not guaranteed to be stable, and therefore will not be supported by RIM or your wireless carrier should you run into some problems. As a precaution, if you decide to upgrade, it is highly recommended that you make a backup before using this software. If you are not comfortable using Leaked/Beta software you should probably wait for the next official release.

The Sony Ericsson X10 has been plagued with problems since its initial release. Poor stock software, no multi touch, stuck on Android 1.6 for a while or the locked down bootloader. Sony Ericsson initially said no updates to a higher version of Android would appear for the X10. They also said that multi touch was not possible because of hardware restrictions.

Sony Ericsson solved a few of these problems with a recent update to Android 2.1 which also included multi touch. Sony Ericsson have also said a new update to Android 2.3 will soon be available. Gingerbread has already been ported to the X10, its just this will be an official update. Below is a shot of the X10 with the new ROM on it, you can just make out “Android 2.3.3″ in the middle of the screen.

Over on XperiaX10.net they have found footage of the rom in action in Thailand, it seems to have been filmed in a phone shop. Also various threads are appearing on Modaco and XDA saying that they have the ROM and they are working on it. These appear to be fakes, but it is an indicator something is coming. The official update is meant to be the 20th of June, but this is for non carrier devices. I imagine if you have a carrier device you will not see this update, you will have root your device and install a custom version of it. Do let us know if you get this update on the 20th.

Source XperiaX10.net

Iphone 5 Release Date

The Elusive Iphone 5 Release Date

Rumors have placed the iPhone 5 release date in June or July of 2011. Others have pushed it back to September. Still others say it will not be released until sometime in 2012. Apple has not been very forthcoming with information about when they plan to launch this new phone.

Many people were anxious to gain details on the iPhone 5 release date at the annual WWDC. While the company released information about the planned operating system, the actual date of release was not even discussed.

Officially, a fire in the factory where Apple products such as the iPhone and iPad are manufactured has eliminated any hope that the iPhone 5 release date will be any time this summer. There is no way the company can get enough units built and ready to market in time for such an early launch.

However, an ongoing legal battle with Samsung may force Apple’s hand and make them push up the iPhone 5 release date.

BlackBerry Torch 2Blackberry Torch 2 (Leaked by some spies)

A preview of Blackberry Torch 2 was recently leaked, giving mobile device enthusiasts a better view of the soon-to-be-released device of Research In Motion. The latest preview of Blackberry Torch 2 has substantiated the positive views of users about the device following an earlier leak of an unfinished version of the device.
The latest version of  Blackberry Torch 2 is comparable to the previous version of the device although some minor modifications were made on its appearance. The device also appears solid, which is something that is anticipated of a BlackBerry device. The soon-to-be-released BlackBerry Torch 2 also features a similar slide-out keyboard which appears to be as efficient as the earlier version.
Besides the physical appearance, the specifications of the latest version of  Blackberry Torch have been upgraded by RIM. This upcoming device will utilize Blackberry Torch OS 7, which

HTC have been a market leader in the Smartphone industry bringing out new and intuitive models time and again. The introduction of a new phone generally brings a few special features to entice customers in and the HTC Touch Pro 2 is no different.

The Touch Pro 2 is the upgrade to HTC’s Touch Pro with a slide out keyboard, Windows Professional 6.1 OS, Straight Talk and more. But, with the Smartphone market focused mainly on the businessman, will the Touch Pro 2 succeed in its aim to attract to the ‘normal’ user too? Let’s take a look...
Qualcomm 528 MHz Processor
Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional
Stylish design, with exceptional build quality
Weighs just 175g with battery
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