Apple could very well debut the iMessage for Android at WWDC 2106 sources say.

MacDailyNews reports Apple plans to announce iMessage for Android at Monday's WWDC 2016 keynote event, a move that could significantly expand the service's footprint. 

This is one we take with a pinch of salt as the publication isn't really known for its accuracy when it comes to Apple news, but the rumours have been flying around so it remains to be seen.

Apple it seems is trying to build out its software services offerings by extending support beyond devices running iOS and OS X, the source said. While no mean feat, adding Android compatibility to iMessage would be relatively straightforward as the product's backend resides in the cloud. 

If Apple can pull this off they'll be giving their customers access to a trusted — end-to-end encrypted — messaging service compatible with a majority of the world's .smartphones. 

If the users have a taste of iOS design and security it could cause them to turn.

So we wait till Monday to see what really happens