Brace yourself all you game lovers cause you might just be witnessing the unveiling of the PlayStation 4 NEO on the 7th of September in a special event themed "PlayStation Meeting", not forgetting the fact that we could also be witnessing the unveiling of the Apple IPhone 7 on the same day.

Rumors of an advanced PlayStation 4 code named ‘NEO’ started in March on Kotaku. The new console is supposed to be much more powerful than the existing PlayStation 4 in order to support more demanding games, and especially for the PlayStation VR headset.Virtual reality is the current trend in technology now as we all know......this makes gaming experience more like reality and also demands a lot more improved graphics.The VR headset will still work for the old PS 4 but goes better with the new PS 4 NEO.

Also if you have a 4k TV you might want to buy the PS 4 Neo cause it supports 4K movies, TV shows and even games.

The Xbox One ‘Scorpio which would unveil next year is said to be a competitor to the PS 4 NEO and also a more improved Console.