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Just some few research I was doing I found this rumor, surrounding the internet about BlackBerry releasing some set of smartphones that Could shake the Mobile market share in favour of RIM ™ . Sound interesting yea but I found it not quite appealing because when there's a rumor like this its definitely going to be True or False by the way I also found the code names for this Devices funny and you will agree after I list 'em' for you, here are their names “London, Lisbon, Milan, Nevada, BlackForest ” . Don't be surprise Google's Android ™ OS code names where also named after Dessert and Intel ™ named theirs after rivers, so if RIM ™ named theirs after cities in London(or United Kingdom) its not a bad idea, all we need is a solid Technology from this funny code names.

Released Date
According to the report the BlackBerry Milan(the one by your right above) is slated for March, and may be similar to the BlackBerry London( the one by your left above). Perhaps different versions for carriers. Other than the codename there isn't much yet out on the BlackBerry Lisbon. As for the BlackBerry Nevada it is said to be similar to the BlackBerry Bold 9900 and may be slated for late November. Last but not the least, is the BlackBerry Black Forest which may actually be a 10" PlayBook.Out of all of these the 10" PlayBook may be the most believable as RIM did tell us that they are working on 10" PlayBook back in Nov on their forum site.

These smartphones are coming with a preloaded New BlackBerry OS which was Named BBX but later changed to BlackBerry 10 because of copy write infringement from a company based in New Mexico “Basis International ” and they said it held a trademark on the "BBx" name and would go to court to protect its property.
Basis, founded in 1985, develops its own software language, databases and toolsets for
applications to run on Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems among others and the company feared they might loose customers to RIM ™

Change of name

Well that is a long story now, with the New OS code name “ BlackBerry 10 ” its said to have been Designed to look like a Playbook and also one of the New features is that this OS 10 “ BlackBerry 10 ” is most likely going to have Apps that runs on Android & iPhones to run on the New smartphones. As at the time of this post there are no image Leaks for “Nevada, Lisbon, and Black Forset(Playbook like) ” to display. Keep your fingers crossed for any update on this.

Img src: Redusers.com Techtickerblog.com Sbnation.com

BlackBerry did a great job on the New OS 7 ringtones, I personally liked it so I did some research on how OS 5 users can benefit from this nice tones RIM composed. And now even OS 4.7 users can download it to their phone only if your player is capable of playing m4a formats/file.

Today am giving out the link to Download OS 7 ringtones to your BlackBerry plus how to make it appear in your sound profile.
Okay since you are ready scroll down this post and click the download link once downloaded successfully, you'll need an extractor Coz its in a ZIP file(don't be scared there's a free app you can download to unzip it). There are two simple ways you can use to unzip this stuffs for FREE

First step is for Mobile Users: Download FILESCOUT from AppWorld or click FILESCOUT once found download it after you've downloaded it, it'll ask you to restart your phone accept it. Once your phone is turned on there will be a short cut on your menu screen, open it you should see (SYSTEM , STORE and SDcard this is where you'll see all your files, locate where you stored the zip file ones found PRESS menu click unzip but remember when you want to unzip don't just unzip in where you found the ZIP file goto MemoryCard=BlackBerry=RINGTONES then Unzip there. Ones it has finish you can now goto Sounds=Edit Profile=Loud=Phone then choose any of the New Ringtones you have downloaded and enjoy! OS 7 ringtones on your OS 5 .

Second step is for Pc users: On PC its quite very easy but requires someone who knows how to connect and disconnect his/her BlackBerry and am not talking about DM(BlackBerry Desktop Manager). Now scroll down this post and download the ZIP file........Finished Downloading? Ok simply goto the Zip file you just downloaded( Trust me its Virus Free No Trick here) Unzip the file you just downloaded to a̶̲̥̅̊ folder, after Unzipping Open the folder CTRL + A to select all then press CTRL + C to copy haven't done that connect you BlackBerry to you PC using USB after that accept mass storage mode on your BlackBerry to be able to view your files from your SYSTEM. Ones successfully connected open your phone folder on your PC if you want to save it on your memory card Goto Computer=removable disk=BlackBerry=Ringtone=then paste what you copied from the Zip file into this folder then Disconnect you phone from the USB! Boom! You now have an OS 7 ringtone on you OS 5.


Note: This is for those who can't afford Phones with OS 7 built ;) and do not hesitate to report if the links is broken.


Just a week ago APPLE™ released its ever anticipated iOS 5.0 update for iPhone, iPad, iPad 2, and 4G iTouch which tends to fix bugs occurred in the previous version, but as some gurus of iPhone knows when APPLE™ fixes a problem using updates some how you just wake up one morning and find out your phone's cramping your style.

Apparently from my experience I think this Update is quite cool with the new features they put together, but I notice after installed the update my battery life never remained the same, battery gets drain so quickly I don't seem to comprehend it. Anyways Let me not scare you its good to try NEW things and as far as I know some APPLE™ genius are working towards fixing such issues.

Below are the download link for the UPDATES

iPhone 4 S iOS 5.0 (size 796.7MB)Click to Download
iPhone 4 GSM iOS 5.0 (size 774.3MB)Click to Download
iPhone 4 CDMA iOS 5.0 (size 781.8MB )Click to Download
iPhone 3G S iOS 5.0 (size 668.7MB )Click to Download
iPod Touch 4G iOS 5.0 (size 761.5MB )Click to Download
iPad 1 iOS 5.0 (size 700.2MB )Click to Download
iPad 2 WIFI iOS 5.0 (size 707.1MB )Click to Download
iPad 2 GSM iOS 5.0 (size 716MB )Click to Download
iPad 2 CDMA iOS 5.0 (size 721.3MB )Click to Download

*NOTE:This update is for non-jailbreakers and Unlockers, do not attempt to try, do so at your own/phone risk.

9350 9370 700100 Leaked: OS for BlackBerry Curve 9350 & 9370

We saw a few OS 6.1 builds hit for the 9810 and 9900, but now the first OS 7 build has dropped. OS has hit for the Curve 9350 and 9370 Sedona/Apollo. There is also the same build lurking out there for a 9360. This is the first confirmation that we’ve had for model numbers on the next generation Curve. Guess we’ll know what is inside soon enough once the hybriders rip this OS to pieces. Hit the break to download.

Download 9350 & 9370 OS

Thanks to N4bb

Announced last month and released by Verizon today, the new BlackBerry Bold 9930 is both a major hardware upgrade to the BlackBerry lineup and a revision to the classic Bold 9000 released in 2008.
But if you have a BlackBerry running the recently-launched OS 6, is the jump to RIM’s latest software offering OS 7 worth the device upgrade?

As we’ve previously reported, OS 7 will only be available on new phones, so it’s one of the Bold 9930′s key selling points. If you’re sporting a Bold 9650 or a BlackBerry Torch, you’re stuck with OS 6.
The major upgrade that OS 7 packs is a high-powered, modernized web browser. OS 6 brought the webkit browser to the BlackBerry platform, which was significant, but the browsing capabilities were still far behind much of RIM’s competition. The upgraded browser includes a new Java engine, liquid graphics (better zooming and panning), HTML5 video, enhanced gesture support and speedier HTML rendering.
Despite RIM’s claims that the entire “BlackBerry experience” has been enhanced with liquid graphics, the OS 7 interface looks extremely similar to what you find on OS 6. The colors and icons look sharper, and general movements are likely to be speedier, but many 3rd party apps still need to be upgraded to take advantage of this. Furthermore, much of the speed improvements and removal of lag should likely be attributed to the Bold 9900/9930′s inclusion of a 1.2 GHz processor.

Aside from some minimal aesthetic improvements and a browser that arguably puts the BlackBerry web experience in contention with some of its rivals, OS 7 will bring you an expanded voice-activated search function and BlackBerry Balance. Balance is a business tool designed to allow enterprise users to divide work and private schedules more easily by connecting to the BlackBerry Administrative Service.
The argument to upgrade to the latest BlackBerry Bold devices solely for OS 7 would be far easier to make if you were moving from OS 5. If you’re making the switch from OS 6, the latest software offering alone might not be enough to justify a new 2-year deal on AT&T or Verizon.

Source :  Mobiputing

The Facebook for BlackBerry v2.0 beta app launched about six weeks ago for BlackBerry smartphones running OS 6. Now, Research in Motion has announced a new version which adds support for users sporting OS 5.0, which is still far and wide the majority of BlackBerry customers.
The new beta also adds a host of new features and performance enhancements. In Facebook Chat, you can now see whether someone is typing with the visual cue, “is typing a message”. You can also filter your Online Contacts to find a specific friend quickly and start a Chat message.
In Profiles, a Mutual Friends and Friends List is available from the Info tab, but whether or not you can view these depends on the specific profile’s privacy settings. Performance enhancements include improved Facebook Chat connections, faster delivery of notifications, and improved overall loading times.

RIM also added even more integration with BlackBerry’s native app set, which has always been a strength for the platform. You can now click on PINs (BBM), phone numbers and email addresses that are displayed on Wall posts, messages on the Info tab, and either perform the respective action (like placing a call) or save the information to your device’s Contacts app.

To download the updated (FREE) version of Facebook’s BlackBerry beta direct to your Smartphone, you’ll need to sign up for the BlackBerry Beta Zone on  a device running OS 5.0 or greater.

But for those who already have OS 6 running on their devices Click HERE to download it to your PC then extract to a folder then open your DM (desktop manager) click on AppLoader locate what you just extracted then Load to device.

Successfully loaded

Hot on the heels of releasing its new device arsenal, RIM is prepping to roll out a brand spanking new BlackBerry App World. Scheduled to launch Monday, version 3.0 features a retooled interface for quick perusal of apps, games and themes -- if the beta release is any indication. Another added feature is the My World storage folder that keeps all of your downloads on the home screen and lets you wirelessly reinstall them should you accidentally delete one or upgrade devices. Sure, there are rumblings that the BB music service will be a part of this release, but as Reuters reported, that announcement isn't expected until early September. Although, this update would complete the new smartphone trifecta rather nicely: new device, new OS and new app store. Well done, RIM, now if you could just get your advertising in order, you'll be all set.

After waiting around for its arrival, we were finally treated to a sneak preview of BlackBerry App World 3.0. Over the weekend RIM released the app in the Beta Zone, meaning that anyone can sign up for an account and subsequently download the latest version of the application marketplace. If you’re a regular App World user, I would recommend you use your Beta Zone account — or create one, since it’s free — and try out the new version. The new interface is certainly worth a try. If you’re not into App World, well, maybe this will change your mind.

There’s not a whole lot to share on this one, since RIM has all sorts of confidentiality notices in its Beta Zone user agreements. They have shared some information, though, so I’ll just pass some of that along.
As the screenshots show, there are noticeable changes to the interface. This isn’t just on the home screen, though it did get a whole lot more intuitive. The changes go for every screen, from the channels to the individual apps. I do love the sliding interface for the individual apps screens, which let you easily slide over for reviews and screenshots.
The BlackBerry has become a more social device lately, and App World now plays into that. You can share your favorite apps via BBM, Twitter, Facebook, or even SMS. I imagine that will help increase interest in App World in general, since they’ll have more ways for people to promote the product.
There are plenty of more new features, all of which are worthy of the full-version upgrade to App World 3.0. Again, you can get this for free. If you don’t yet have a Beta Zone account, you can go to blackberry.com/beta and sign up for one. After that, or if you have one, go to blackberry.com/beta on your BlackBerry smartphone, log into your account, and follow the links to App World 3.0. Unfortunately, you can’t download it anywhere except from your BlackBerry browser.

Download AppWorld 3.0 Free

Source : Engadgets

Download link :

DISCLAIMER: Install at your own risk. This is Leaked/Beta software that is not guaranteed to be stable, and therefore will not be supported by RIM or your wireless carrier should you run into some problems. As a precaution, if you decide to upgrade, it is highly recommended that you make a backup before using this software. If you are not comfortable using Leaked/Beta software you should probably wait for the next official release.

BlackBerry Torch 2Blackberry Torch 2 (Leaked by some spies)

A preview of Blackberry Torch 2 was recently leaked, giving mobile device enthusiasts a better view of the soon-to-be-released device of Research In Motion. The latest preview of Blackberry Torch 2 has substantiated the positive views of users about the device following an earlier leak of an unfinished version of the device.
The latest version of  Blackberry Torch 2 is comparable to the previous version of the device although some minor modifications were made on its appearance. The device also appears solid, which is something that is anticipated of a BlackBerry device. The soon-to-be-released BlackBerry Torch 2 also features a similar slide-out keyboard which appears to be as efficient as the earlier version.
Besides the physical appearance, the specifications of the latest version of  Blackberry Torch have been upgraded by RIM. This upcoming device will utilize Blackberry Torch OS 7, which
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