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Canon is glad to introduce the new Canon EOS 5D Mark IV built on the heritage of the EOS 5D Series.The greatest improvement of this camera is the highly improved versatile balance performance.

If you do very critical jobs and you are looking for a camera that suits you,this camera was built on a legacy of four frame excellence for that purpose.This camera also has a touchscreen interface and an intelligent viewfinder that displays 100% of the picture area,a suitable feature for all kinds of shoot.

The image quality is outstanding,with 30.4 million pixels and a digital lense optimiser that enhances clarity in lenses giving you excellent pictures in publications and on large prints.

The Canon 5D Mark IV comes with a new 61 point AF sensor that gives this camera unique benefits.

See video below for more details;

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  1. Blackpurist Media is glad to announce to you the official entrance of Canon into the Nigerian Market. Canon is set to host a the crème de la crème of the Nollywood Industry and a whole lot of other dignitaries.

    This event will bring Canon closer to its consumers and enable them meet the growing demand for their professional imaging products as well as enable them offer their vast portfolio of business solutions to their target market.

    The launch is scheduled for October 7, 2016 by 6pm at the Grand Ballroom, Oriental Hotel Lekki Lagos.


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