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Now we have a new IOS face time competitor in the new Duo Video app by Google. An app that lets you video call people one-on-one via their phone number.The app was announced at Google I/O in May and rolls out globally today on Android and iOS 9 in 78 languages. It will be a hard sell considering how late to market Duo is compared to strong, sensibly intertwined products like Facebook Messenger and Apple’s iMessage/FaceTime.You do not even need to have a google account to use the app,you can also video call someone without the app via SMS invite,the person gets a link to download the app..simple and easy.

Another innovative feature Duo sports is called Knock-Knock, which lets the recipient of a call see the caller before they accept and turn on their own camera.With Knock-Knock, “as a recipient of the call you see them beforehand so you know their state of mind.It can also degrade video quality or switch to audio calling if there’s weak connectivity even 2G, and it can seamlessly hand off between cell and Wi-Fi connections in mid-call without dropping.

Check out this video for more:

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