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Google will not be making their own Nexus phones according to CEO Sundar Pichai who said this to Walt Mossberg during an interview at the Code Conference. 
Pichai did say that Google will be more involved in the design of future Nexus devices, though even with that Nexus handsets and tablets won’t really offer the full Android experience.
“Our plan is still to work with OEMs to make phones,” Pichai said about Google’s involvement in Nexus hardware. But the company will be “investing more effort” into overseeing Nexus products, and it’ll be more “opinionated” about Nexus phone design.
Nexus buyers are fans of the Nexus devices because they run an unadultrated version of Android, they are also the first to receive the latest updates from Google, including beta versions of upcoming major Android releases.
But from reports it seems Google will add various things on top of Android or Nexus devices. 
Google wants to according to Pichai “thoughtfully add more features on top of Android or Nexus phones,” as there’s plenty of “software innovation to be had.” 
Pichai kept his cards close to his chest and gave nothing away in terms of what kind of features Google would want to put on top of Android, or why these features won’t be included in stock Android in the first place.
So all we know is that new Nexus phones won't really have the pure android running on them anymore, which is somewhat of a shame.

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