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A new report has surrounded the Mobile tech world and its like a Battle that might not come to a certain end.

First of all, we all know Instagram is an exclusive app for Apple products e.g iPhone, iTouch and iPad but sometime in March(2012) they welcomed Android to its platform but refused Blackberry.

Rumor says Its most likely Instagram didn't accept to be on Blackberry due to the down sloop of income the company(RIM) suffered.

This new year(2013) BlackBerry launched their new smart phones Z10 and X10 which has a more powerful OS(Operating System) named BB10(Blackberry 10) but FaceBook(the owner of Instagram) still declines being on the new devices.

An insider claims because BBM(Blackberry Messenger) is exclusively for Blackberry products and they aren't ready to share it to other mobile platforms, Instagram will also not come on Blackberry.

However in recent news Blackberry officials said they are still in-talks with Instagram.

Instagram currently has over 30 million registered users, who contribute more than 5 million photos a day. More than 1 billion photos in all have been uploaded to Instagram, strictly from iOS devices.

Instagram for Android is compatible with smartphones running Android 2.2 and up.

But the thing is, if BBM sells out to iPhone and Android devices I bet there won't be any thing significant in buying a blackberry phones after all.

So what's your own take, should BBM be on iPhone and Android phones for the sake of everyone having Instagram account?

Src: @QualityRumor

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