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The above picture shows the real OS interface for the new Blackberry 10. Rumour has it that the new devices would be coming with a SiRi like application.

As you can see, the second picture shows a mic like the SiRi does on iPhone 4s and the one Samsung has on S 3(III). Though the design sure looks similar but not the same coz Apple might go on a Lawsuit against the company for copying their brand. Its also seen to be as a voice search application, as the mic stays in an environment that has a search box on top of it.

Thinking about the voice search application apart from SiRi there's no Smart phone with such feature except you download it from a third party app vendor and this could really be a huge success for the Blackberry as it surfaces globally mid February 2013.

However applications like facebook and twitter still has the same GUI, perhaps they(RIM Developers) are only trying to test run the app and to know what could possibly go wrong during the use of the apps on the New platform. So Twitter and Facebook should begin working on a different layout for this smart phones as they did for iPhones and Androids. This is BB 10 for crying out LOUD!!! Lol

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